Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Video Free Silver Lake: Xiu Xiu

It’s funny that one of the local music sites -- crap, I can't remember which one right now -- recently called Oakland's Xiu Xiu “not the sort of music for a Friday night.” Because I saw them with friends once last year at The Echo on a Friday night and I can confirm that were right.

I remember a lot of people there were in a mood to jump or dance around -- I know I was -- but the band decided to play even their more accessible songs from Fabulous Muscles in a more fucked-up, experimental way. Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of dancing going on that particular evening.

I think someone commented that it was “the pinnacle or weird boy music.” (And I know ... because that little boy was me.)

But whatever, there are still so many excellent tracks on Fabulous Muscles that you can’t get too mad at them for their occassional indulgences. Here’s footage of them performing one of them, i luv the valley, in Austin.


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