Friday, January 30, 2009

REMINDER: Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, & Light FM on Sunday

Just wanted to give one last reminder about this Sunday night's Rock Against HD Benefit show at Spaceland with Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, and Light FM. If you haven't heard one or more or all of the bands before, you've been missing out. Here are linked excerpts to interviews we've done with the bands in the past w/ some MP3s:

LIGHT FM -- "I guess it's ironic that the music is pretty upbeat and the lyrics are dark. The same with our name. A lot of people think [our name implies] we sound like Celine Dion but we are a much heavier indie rock band. I guess I don't like being labeled. I like being mysterious. A lot of people think our shows are being sponsored by a soft rock station when our name is on the Marquee. I think that's why I really like our band name because you can't really put a finger on us. I have ADD so my attention span is all over the place.....kind of like our music."

DOWNLOAD: Try 2 Keep You Happy MP3

RADARS TO THE SKY -- "When I got to college, I met these guys that were into Pavement and Sonic Youth and The Pixies, etc. Really blew my mind. But the real moment was seeing Archers of Loaf - to realize that music could be so big and momentous and intricate and creative and raw and powerful and, well, rocking, without resorting to any of the cliches or lazy songwriting of metal or grunge that was dominant at the time was really a revelation."

DOWNLOAD: Long Walk Home MP3

FOL CHEN -- "Fol Chen will spend the first half of 2009 finishing up the construction of the FC Pyramid (see attached image). There has been a lot of red tape to deal with. The deadlines. Total bullshit. Anyway, the thing about the FCP-1 is that it will allow us to broadcast from the legendary WLIR-FM, though that station has been off the air for years, and was located in Garden City, Long Island, New York. Still working out the details on this, but we've run some tests and it's looking good."


Rad poster by Christine Hale.

Coachella Line-Up Announced

Wow. I haven't been to Coachella since the year when The Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, The Black Keys, Air, Belle & Sebastian, The Pixies, and The Cure played, which was kind of phenomenal. This line-up isn't quite that substantial, but it's still pretty damn amazing. Granted, I'd probably go out there just for Leonard Cohen alone...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bands To Watch in 09: The Californian

One of the local acts I'm keeping an eye out for the most this year is the sly, moody indie rock of The Californian...

They're a relatively new group who I've written before are "great music to listen to while driving at night in the middle of the desert... Pretty immediately likable" and Mouse at Classical Geek Theatre has likewise gushed "The Californian is electric to listen to. How can a band be so pretty-sounding and so electrifying at the same time? The conflict is confounding. When listening to The Californian: Am I being romanced or hunted? Is there a difference?"

After seeing them play at Bordello awhile back and listening to the demos of their new material for months, I feel like they have the potential to become a popular local stalwart and even grow to gain national attention, likesay a Great Northern. (Several of their tracks kind of scream "movie soundtrack.")

The Californian has an album available on itunes, but their newer material (songs like Bad Habit and The Ghost of Everything, which can be heard on their myspace page) seem to be more the focus of their current live show. No word on when their second album is due or when they'll be performing live next -- some of their members have tours with other projects planned -- but when you see that name on a show listing sometime later in 09, try to remember to check them out.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Video Free Silver Lake: Fol Chen, Light FM, & Radars to the Sky

This Sunday night at Spaceland, we're helping put on the Rock Against HD event -- a benefit for The Huntington's Disease Society of America -- with three of our favorite live acts in town, Light FM, Fol Chen, and Radars to the Sky. Here's video proof as to why you should attend.




Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Local News: Eagle Winged Palace Sign & More

LA folk act Eagle Winged Palace -- who routinely send music writers running for their thesauruses to find new ways to say "spooky" and "unique" -- announced today that they've signed to Park The Van, the home of popular acts like Dr. Dog and The Spinto Band. The label will digitally release the group's EP in mid-March (with an event to celebrate it at SXSW) and their full-length due in the fall.

As a fan of Eagle Winged Palace and their lead's former garage rock group The Prix (both played our Let's Independent! night), I've got to say that it's great to see them doing so well.

- EWP's Hand of Doom MP3

In other recent local music news:
- Rademacher will be re-releasing their three EPs in a collection titled RIP Gardenside. It will be available via Paypal or at shows as of Tuesday, February 10th.
- Next month's free residencies here in LA include Le Switch at Spaceland, Local Natives at The Silver Lake Lounge, and The Holloys at The Echo.
- Local success story The Airborne Toxic Event kick off their national tour in San Diego on Wednesday, February 11th (they're at The Henry Fonda Music Box the next night) with tour mates Rademacher and The Henry Clay People. Many of the dates are already sold-out and they're confirmed for Coachella, which is planned for April 17 - 19th.

Photo by Sterling Andrews.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "You Tried to Live the Monumental Life...")

I've had Willie Nelson's nonsense song Shotgun Willie stuck in my head since I heard it in the opening to the new season of Lost last week... I don't think I'd heard it since I was wee and absolutely nothing else will dislodge it.

Monday, January 26
- Olin and The Moon, Damn Sons, Evan Way, & Taylor Goldsmith @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Monday Night Residency w/ Rocco Deluca, Marvelous Toy, The Petrojvic Blasting Co., Pawnshop Kings @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Monday Night Residency - Robert Francis, Magic Bullets, Peter & the Wolf, Anni Rossi @ The Echo (FREE)
- Sean Carnage & Folktale Records present… The “Sun, Smog, and Hate” Phoenix/L.A. new music comp. release party w/ Whitman, John Thill, Voice on Tape, Clark 8, Foot Ox, & Bri White @ Pehrspace

It's the last free residency night of the month. Who have you missed? Are you alright with that? Some of the more noteworthy supporting acts are Evan Way from The Parson Redheads, Peter & The Wolf, and Marvelous Toy.

Tuesday, January 27
- The Rhone Occupation, Ballerina Black, & Satellite Crush @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- ISGOODMUSIC Presents The Voyeurs CD Release Party w/ The Monolators, Les Blanks, & Go West Young Man @ The Echo
- The Honorary Titles @ The Hotel Cafe
- Sara Lov (of Devics), Hands, BRAM, & Yearbook Pictures @ Spaceland
- Mike Stinson & Dave Gleason @ Redwood Bar
- Puppy Dog, Rooftop Vigilantes, 4 Da Kidz, & The Widow Babies @ The Smell
- Check One Twosday w/ IO Echo, Zaza, Jjamz @ Echoplex

The Voyeurs CD Release Party with The Monolators, Les Blanks, and Go West Young Man seems pretty worth checking out. I haven't seen three out of the four bands before and have meant to. (I also like The Rhone Occupation, who are over at The Silver Lake Lounge.)

Wednesday, January 28
- French Semester CD Release Party w/ Moving Picture Show, Tigers Can Bite You, & Divisadero @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME w/Benji Hughes, Vincent and Mr. Green, & Other Lives @ Spaceland
- Low End Theory @ The Airliner
- Dub Club @ The Echoplex
- Brian Wilson @ The Wiltern
- Skull and Phones feat. Imarobot, Ringside, & Crash Kings @ The Roxy
- Swordfight, Torches in Trees, & Max and The Marginalized @ Mr T's Bowl
- NO CULTURE with Resident DJs Guns N Bombs, Goddollars @ The Echo
- The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims), The A.M. @ The Echo
- His Orchestra, Superhumanoids, Manhattan Murder Mystery, & Ethan Gold @ Bordello
- Amy Ray @ The Troubadour
- Big Search & John Webster Johns @ 3 Clubs

As mentioned in last Friday's interview, The French Semester are having a CD release party for their new album Good Friends Only I Could See with Tigers Can Bite You, Divisadero, and Moving Picture Show at The Silver Lake Lounge. Both that show and Benji Hughes at Spaceland should contain much entertainment.

Thursday, January 29
- Valerie DJ Collective (France) w/ Anoraak, College, Keen House. & Lexicondon @ Echoplex
- Respect @ The Echo
- Amber Jean’s Birthday Beatles tribute bash w/ The Baja Bugs, The Wallbirds, DJ Dia @ Spaceland
- Nickel Eye feat Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes, Low vs. Diamond, Nickel Eye, & The Shys @ The Troubadour
- Heart of Gold, Hippie Cream, Falsetto Teeth, & Out of Town @ Mr T's Bowl
- Jonneine Zapata, The Vacation, & The Paul Chesne Band @ The Kibitz Room
- Lelia Broussard @ The Hotel Cafe
- Country Tea, Cave Country, Tommy Santee Klaws, Bret Jensens Death Valley Jubilee @ The Hyperion Tavern
- Wake Up Lucid, The May Fire, & Divisible @ The Silver Lake Lounge

I'm kind of charmed by The Hyperion Tavern because it reminds me of what it might be like if you opened up a bar in my living room and started putting on shows.

Friday, January 30
- Eleni Mandell & Theresa Anderson @ The Hotel Cafe
- Pam Shaffer & The Victorian @ Pehrspace
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- NASA Space Universe, Okie Dokie, God Equals Genocide, Sheeep, & Teen Beer @ The Smell
- Infinity (Journey cover band) & Lovelikefire @ Spaceland
- Thriving Ivory, Barcelona, & The Record Life @ The Troubadour
- The Highbinders, Siberian Summer Camp, The Big Booty Party, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, & That Noise @ Mr T's Bowl
- Echo, Club Underground & HTDJs present LADY SOVEREIGN @ The Echo

People keep saying you have to see Theresa Anderson live...

Saturday, January 31
- The Hungry Beat Dance Party @ Pehrspace
- The Black Heart Procession, The Mumlers, & Warpaint @ Spaceland
- Three Bad Jacks @ The Troubadour
- Adele @ The Wiltern
- Katy Perry @ The Wiltern
- Babyland Record Release Show w/ Former Ghosts @ The Smell
- Funky Sole @ The Echo

I'm not a dancer. I'm so stiff I can barely walk sometimes and the only dance I can carry off with any degree of confidence is a robot from the future who has come back to destroy the past. But if I did cut a rug, it would likely be at The Hungry Beat because Marion has great taste in indie pop and other kinds of rug-cutting music.

Sunday, February 1
- Radio Free Silver Lake Presents Rock Against HD - A Benefit for The Huntington's Disease Society of America w/ Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, & Light FM @ Spaceland
- Calvin Johnson, Sharon Cheslow, Devon Williams, & Sam McPheeters spoken word @ The Smell
- Part Time Punks: The Cure Tribute Night @ The Echo
- Part Time Punks & Dub Lab present: Arthur Russell Documentary

Did you know that Sunday is the Super Bowl? Yeah, I guess you got kicked out of your home town for not being into sports, too. Either way, here's what you're doing on Sunday night after The Game: Going to Spaceland for the Rock Against HD benefit show and seeing some of the best live acts in town -- Fol Chen, Light FM, and Radars to the Sky -- while contributing to a good cause.

For more details on the event (and to hear MP3s for all three groups), go right here.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Interview: The French Semester

Next Wednesday night, jangly indie rock charmers The French Semester are having a CD release party for their new album Good Friends Only I Could See with Tigers Can Bite You, Divisadero, and Moving Picture Show at The Silver Lake Lounge. So, 1) go and 2) read this IM interview we did with them earlier this week.

frenchsemester (6:32:14 PM): Hi, Joe. This is Riaz, Gil and Bryan. We're ready whenever you are sir.....
RFSL (6:33:09 PM): Hey, guys.
frenchsemester (6:33:19 PM): Good, evening man.
RFSL (6:33:28 PM): How you doing today?
frenchsemester (6:33:46 PM): Quite good. What a day right?
RFSL (6:34:06 PM): Yeah, what a week. A new president today, then two new episodes of Lost tomorrow.
RFSL (6:34:12 PM): (I'm only half-kidding.)
frenchsemester (6:34:30 PM): Ha! You’re not the first to say that...
RFSL (6:34:34 PM): (Okay. 1/4th.)
frenchsemester (6:34:45 PM): Fair enough.
RFSL (6:35:07 PM): So, you guys have an album release event on the 28th at The Silver Lake Lounge.
frenchsemester (6:35:42 PM): Yeah, were super psyched. Psyched is not hyperbolic enough. Youve seen the bill. How can we not be hyperbolic?
RFSL (6:35:55 PM): Yeah, I was going to say. Great line-up.
RFSL (6:36:17 PM): That's one of those get-there-early-and-stay-til-the-end nights.
frenchsemester (6:36:43 PM): Thanks, man. We've had past good times with all of them so we expect more of the same. A lot of people are coming....
RFSL (6:36:59 PM): Excellent.
RFSL (6:37:22 PM): How long were you guys working on this album? How did it come together?
RFSL (6:37:29 PM): There are some songs from the EP on it too, right?
frenchsemester (6:40:04 PM): Well, those two songs were recorded in the summer and did make it onto that Tour EP we did for August. The rest were done in about a month this past fall. We have a backlog that reaches back about six months. We basically do as much as possible live, and then touch up details and such. Our newest member Charles (drums) has added a new dimension so it made the arranging smoother and more nuanced.
RFSL (6:40:58 PM): That's great. I'm a fan of the EP tracks and the new ones, too.
RFSL (6:41:05 PM): Where did you record?
frenchsemester (6:43:35 PM): We switched to a new method of self-recording and engineering. Whereas last time we used Earthling in San Diego, this time it was all self-produced until the mastering stage. At that point we followed our friends Divisadero (following many great bands from K and Sub Pop) to Golden Mastering in Ventura. He has a sort of purist mastering approach that suits our old timey interests.
RFSL (6:45:42 PM): Nice. What would you say is new about the new material? What's different from your last release from your standpoint?
frenchsemester (6:51:05 PM): Hmmm. Thematically, the first album has a lot of tunes written in the third and second person, for instance. Political, worldly themes were on display in our own scratch-pop way. On THIS one there are more songs in the first person. So more introspection, self reflection, blah blah blah. I feel like we needed that too, having gone through a lot as an incipient band. Sonically, this album is maybe more uniformly lo-fi. We employed a lot more reverb to disguise what are otherwise punchy lyrics. And I think the rhythm section is pretty enviable.
RFSL (6:51:52 PM): I've had bands say before "It's the same, but better." Which is a perfectly valid answer, but I think yours is better.
frenchsemester (6:52:01 PM): oh man thanks!
RFSL (6:53:23 PM): What are songs like Fourteen and The East Man about? Because I can catch snippets of lyrics like "your grandmother made love during The Great War" but haven't put it all together.
RFSL (6:54:27 PM): "before The Great War and after it was won"
RFSL (6:54:40 PM): Correction.
frenchsemester (6:57:32 PM): Explaining is always tough, it escapes me. But let me try. The East Man popped out after I watched a film about a family of 12 people. The father had this philosophy of repopulating the world single handedly. Me, I study nationalism (dont ask). So I was thinking of love, romance, sex as a tool of nation building, and demographic warfare. So, "your grandmother made love, in the Great War and after it was won"........"after it was won" because why stop?
frenchsemester (6:58:12 PM): Fourteen is like other songs on the album about falling behind when you have many things you want to do, accomplish. For whatever reasons idealistic or self interested.
RFSL (6:59:10 PM): I've neglected to ask how you all met. How did you meet and start the band?
frenchsemester (7:06:47 PM): We're getting better and better and answering this one. Me (Riaz) and Bryan met in kindergarten. Literally, the playground, the sand, toy cars, etc. . . . We've been pals ever since. We also shared an interest to see the world. Not just "the world" but worlds. We both split off around college times, went out to places like Mexico, Bolivia, France, England, North Africa, etc. As tourists yeah, but we have family in many of these places. Gil we met through our former drummer and immediately clicked with. He's Vietnamese-American. Heres the thing: being from other parts, going to other parts, is key to our songs and sound because while some roots indie bands want to sound like those old bands, we want to sound like kids back in the day first hearing those bands in faraway places never intended by the players. India, Mexico, Vietnam, and so forth. Then maybe trying to emulate them in their english-as-a-second language ways.
frenchsemester (7:07:46 PM): Also, Charles, our drummer, came from another local band. We needed help on a few shows and he stepped in and we all got married.
frenchsemester (7:08:01 PM): He's raised our level.
RFSL (7:08:34 PM): That's a great story.
RFSL (7:08:36 PM): What band was Charles in before?
frenchsemester (7:09:23 PM): He was in Mospeada and in Black Kites previously. Both great bands.
RFSL (7:09:32 PM): Ah, cool.
RFSL (7:09:51 PM): So, you guys were on Is Good Radio last week. How did that go?
frenchsemester (7:14:05 PM): Yeah, it was great. Hershfield is a keystone. He's moved over to a new studio and is building a new LA centric music/fan site. People should check it out. We see you guys as both serving an important role around here where people are pretty isolated otherwise. We're glad to take part.
RFSL (7:14:47 PM): (I think he lives a block away from me...)
frenchsemester (7:14:59 PM): That explains it. Its in the water.
RFSL (7:15:28 PM): So, two more questions for you guys... And thanks again for all this time.
frenchsemester (7:15:41 PM): No prob, thank you, shoot
RFSL (7:15:47 PM): I like your video for Arrowheadings. Any more coming?
frenchsemester (7:18:30 PM): Thanks. There we stuck to our ethos of simplicity, staying honest, and a little daydreaming. The colors, like in our other things, are important. Next one is in the works and will likely be similarly lo-fi but dreamy. Arent dreams always pretty lo-fi anyway? Anyway. . .it's coming....

RFSL (7:18:56 PM): For which song? Or are you still deciding?
frenchsemester (7:23:17 PM): Likely Backwards Rolling or We'll March Again. We're discussing the different ideas now but its coming soon. We'll probably do a few so requests could be entertained. Requests deserve to be entertained too...
RFSL (7:23:39 PM): Cool. Last question for you: What are you guys listening to right now?
frenchsemester (7:25:20 PM): Love that one. Gil: The Zombies, Bryan: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Riaz: Wilco/Billy Bragg Mermaid Avenue. We didnt plan that but these are all part of our canon.
RFSL (7:25:52 PM): Excellent. That's all I've got for you guys. Thanks so much for your time and see you at the album release show next week.
frenchsemester (7:26:38 PM): Thanks man. Let’s do this in person. We might have cardboard emoticons. Peaceout.

- Ivy Letters Upsetting the Norm MP3

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bands to Watch Out For in 2009: The Band Edition

In the second of our three articles on The Future of Music Here and Abroad, we asked a bunch of bands who they think people should look out for in the world of aught nine. Here are the results.

Pauline Lay – Divisadero (& booker at Pehrspace)

I've been thinking about the first quarter of 2009 for the last two months... Guaranteed, there are lots of future shows booked with wonderful bands I really enjoy--both as musicians and genuine people. Hmm, maybe there'll be some shows in new spaces? No promises.

I heard from the source that the Red Maids recorded some songs a few months ago up in San Francisco. Everyone should listen to their album when they finish it cos it'll be above and beyond beautiful if their current myspace recordings are any indication. Kenneth Pattengale performed at the Bessie Smith night and it was pretty darn good (the sibilant sounds of "who is he?" all around the room)--he has a release on Milan Records coming out in January.

Sarah Negahdari – The Happy Hollows

Bands to look out for would be..hhmm..many of the ones I mentioned above...Johnny Foreigner from the UK, and from LA, definitely The Pity Party, Death to Anders, Eagle and Talon, The Transmissions, One Trick Pony, The Widow Babies, The Movies, The Henry Clay People, The Soft many more... I know I am forgetting many whom I adore...

Mike Corwin – Red Maids

New albums from Fascinoma, Correatown, Liz Pappademas, Dorian Wood, Killsonic, Jack Wilson Jr, and Red Maids.

Matthew Teardrop – Manhattan Murder Mystery

The homeless guy I mentioned before before does painting and stand-up comedy
too so he's certainly worth keeping an eye out for in 2009.

Also I like Shirley Rolls a lot.

Wendy Wang – The Sweet Hurt

Castledoor and Juliette Commagere.

Andrew – The Temporary Thing

Keep an eye out for all those bands with wolves and foxes and bears and deers and all those other creatures that belong in the forest in their name, in fact pretty much the whole animal collective.

The guys from Pizza!

Fol Chen is going to become much bigger than they are now, most likely. Big Whup is going to have a rad year too. Don't expect much out of the Avant-Garde Volkpenis.

Riaz - The French Semester

Avi Buffalo, Radar Bros., The Mumlers, Cuttiiins.

Evan Way – The Parson Redheads

Well, I think Flashing Red Lights, one of our fav local bands, is putting out a record in 2009, maybe. That will be great. Blitzen Trapper is recording another full length (already). So that will be REALLY exciting. And I know that Henry Clay People are going to explode. So catch em while you can.

Josiah Mazzaschi – Light FM

The Black Kites, Pity Party, Space Mtn, The Movies, CRAFT Club.

Claire Mc Keown – Dirt Bird & Afternoons

Crooked Cowboy, Captain and Holland, and So Many Wizards. Billygoat. Good stuff.

Jacob Summers – The Rhone Occupation

Automatic Drawing is really a great band, they've got some amazing material, so hopefully someone will pick up on that and get it out there. Of course, I'm a huge fan of The Hidden Hooks. I haven't seen any show lined up, but if they get out there -- that could be huge -- amazing songs.

Jesse & Lindsay - The Karabal Nightlife

We would recommend that people watch out for the awesome Shiloe. And our new favorite, C-horse. We are also really looking forward to the new album from Nightfur.

Karma – Super Karma

People should keep an eye on Pale Young Gentleman.

Jason Bays – The Spires

Neon Hand and The Petty Jibes.

Matt - Princeton

Wavves is a more obvious band to keep an eye on, but some LA bands are Fol Chen and Music Go Music. Also keep an eye on The Sleeping Bags to take over the LA shoegaze scene.

Ken & Melissa - Shiloe

- The Karabal Nightlife! Ken is recording their new full-length and the songs are really, really good. People are going to take notice of this one in a big way.
-Divisible. Their recent performance at the Bordello was awesome, and the new songs are fantastic. Keep an eye out for their new album.
-Full-lengths from Summer Darling and Kissing Cousins! Yay!

Jason Brown - Nightfur

The Karabal Nightlife has a new album on the way that should be really cool.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Video Free Silver Lake: Willoughby, The One AM Radio, Evan Way, & Sara Lov

Here are videos for all the bands playing at Spaceland tonight. Should be a good time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Not Quite The Same As The Old Boss...")

There are times when, after spending an hour plus putting together the show calendar, you don't want to write an intro and just fill the space with a video by Leonard Cohen -- who, incidentally, played his first US show in 15 years last week in NYC -- instead.

At such times, it's nice not being beholden to sponsors or having an editor...

Monday, January 19
- Robert Francis, Lex Land, Avi Buffalo, & Amateurs @ The Echo
- Rocco Deluca, Musee Mecanique, & Correatown @ Spaceland (FREE)
- The Jake LaBotz Band @ Redwood Bar
- Sean Carnage Presents Narf Records showcase! w/ American Gil & the Major Dudes, Vaginals, knight Rider, I.E., & E&E @ Pehrspace
- Olin and The Moon, Mouse Kills Tiger, & Gamble House @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)

It's the free residency challenge again. Last week, I caught Olin and The Moon and Leslie and The Badgers at The Silver Lake Lounge. This week, it's time to finally see Robert Francis at The Echo w/ Amateurs. (Sad to miss Correatown at Spaceland.)

Tuesday, January 20
- Filter Presents: Sara Lov (of Devics), Willoughby, The One AM Radio, & Evan Way @ Spaceland
- Check One Twosday w/ Castledoor, Earl Greyhound, & He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister @ Echoplex (FREE until 10:30)
- IM Radio presents: Inaguration Party @ The Echo
- Mike Stinson & Dave Gleason @ Redwood Bar
- Stab City, Off with Their Heads, Pu$$y Cow, & Toys that Kill @ Mr. T’s Bowl
- Fuck Yeah Fest Presents Crystal Antlers, Ancestors, Magic Lantern, & Slang Chickens @ The Smell
- Michael Gerald Bauer, Kamptriefenbach, Jacked Up Blazers, & Sand Sky Rituals @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Walkmen, Beach House, & Johnny and The Moon @ The Henry Fonda Music Box

It's always great to see Castledoor live, but getting a chance to see Willoughby, The One AM Radio, and Evan Way (from Parson Redheads) altogether at Sara Lov's residency may be too good to pass up...

Wednesday, January 21
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME w/ The Ettes, Useless Keys, Tulsa Skull Swingers @ Spaceland
- Curumin W/ Money Mark @ The Echo
- Fountains of Wayne (acoustic) @ Largo
- Captain Sean Wheeler, Zander Schloss, & Ryan Pitts @ Redwood Bar
- Metronomy & The Mae Shi @ The El Rey
- Dub Club w/ Yami Bolo @ Echoplex
- Luna is Honey, Jbts, combat!, & Zombelle @ Mr T's Bowl
- NO CULTURE with Resident DJs Guns N Bombs, Goddollars @ The Echo
- 60 Watt Kid, Bobb Bruno, Voices Voices, & Kaisercartel @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Low End Theory @ The Airliner
- Glacier Hiking & Army Navy @ The Troubadour
- Marathon Live w/ The Furs (slc) + BOBBIE MARIE + Adam & Evil @ 3 of Clubs

I'm of a mind that garage rock act The Ettes don't get nearly enough attention as they should here in LA. They're pretty damn tight live.

Thursday, January 22
- Young Hunting, Diamonds Under Fire, the Raggedy Anns, New Maximum Donkey @ Knitting Factory (Alterknit Lounge)
- Wovenhand, Silver Summit, Blue Giant @ Spaceland
- Respect @ Echoplex
- High Places @ The Echo
- The Power Cords, The Christopher Walk-Ins, Cola-Cola, & The Fresas @ Mr T's Bowl
- Fountains of Wayne (acoustic) @ Largo
- North Mississippi Allstars @ The Troubadour
- War Tapes, Love Grenades, & Sam Sparro (DJ set) @ The Roxy
- Amebix w/ Book of Black Earth, Doomsday Hour, & Bruise Violet @ Echoplex
- Creedle (w/ Rob Crow), Van Stone, El Ten Eleven, & Falsetto Teeth @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Creedle, another one of Rob Crow's side projects, is playing at The Silver Lake Lounge on Thursday night w/ the electrically interesante El Ten Eleven.

Friday, January 23
- Death to Anders, The Hectors, Divisadero, & Tasso @ American Legion Post 206 in Highland Park
- Pizza!, IE, Tlienaxu Music Machine, Naomi Elizabeth, & You're in Urine & The Smell
- Department of Eagles @ The Troubadour
- Headtraffic, Beware of Safety, & Ready the Jet! @ Mr T's Bowl
- Echo & Club Underground present Japanese Motors @ The Echo
- Jay Reatard, Earthmen & Strangers @ Echoplex
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- Thorns of Life @ Center for Arts in Eagle Rock
- Ladyfest LA w/ Ladies and Gents @ 1137 E. Redondo Blvd. (FREE)
- Animal Collective, Ariel Pink, Lucky Dragons, & Zach Cowie @ The Henry Fonda Music Box (Sold-out)

Yeah, Department of Eagles and Animal Collective are both sold out, so you might consider seeing some of the local acts like Death to Anders, The Hectors, and Pizza! instead.

Saturday, January 24
- One Trick Pony cd release event w/ Spider Problem & Evan Voytas @ Pehrspace
- Tapes ‘n Tapes, Wild Light, & Wavves @ The El Rey
- Wounded Lion, Nothing People, Bad Trips, & Bipolar Bear @ Mr. T’s Bowl
- Manu Chao Viewing Party w/ La Santa Cecilia @ Home (Silver Lake)
- Futurecop, Thunderheist, We Are The World, Franki Chan @ Echoplex
- Funky Sole @ The Echo
- KSCR Presents Army Navy, Other Lives, & Gangi @ Ground Zero Performance Venue on the USC Campus (FREE)
- The Raveonettes @ The Henry Fonda Music Box

There's some great stuff on Saturday night, but it's hard to imagine going anywhere but Pehrspace for One Trick Pony's cd release party. They're just so ridiculously good...

Sunday, January 25
- Bowling and Drinking Club/Craft night...w/ Daniel Brummel, No Little Kindness, Divisidero, Roman Candles @ All Star Lanes
- Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings & Ivan Milev @ Club Nokia
- Seasons, The Karabal Nightlife, Cobra Lilies, & Odd Modern @ The Scene
- Stab City, Supersonic Jets, & Sweater @ Redwood Bar
- No Age, Rings, Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda, David Scott Stone, & Jennifer the Leopard @ The Smell (early)
- Neil Hamburger, Kidneys, Bryson Lang, Brent Weinbach, Eccentric (from "American Idol") @ Spaceland
- Part Time Punks w/ Anavan @ The Echo

It's Chinese New Year and whether you celebrate it at All-Star Lanes, Club Nokia, The Scene, or The Smell, you're going to have a great time.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video Free Silver Lake: Amateurs, Fol Chen, Dead Man's Bones, So Many Wizards, & Bodies of Water

Here are some new videos from a few great local bands like... Amateurs, who are opening for Robert Francis at his free residency at The Echo next Monday. (I'm there.)

Fol Chen, who are playing our Rock Against HD benefit show in just over two weeks. (See yesterday's post.)

Dead Man's Bones, who I ironically first heard about off of our talented sister site, Radio Free Chicago.

So Many Wizards, who I tried to go see at The Silver Lake Lounge last week, but I was too lame to wait til midnight.

And Bodies of Water, who have convinced me of the need to dress dogs up in big black cloaks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Save The Date: Rock Against HD on Feb 1st w/ Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, & Light FM

Please mark the calendars for Sunday, February 1st at Spaceland, because we're helping put on the fourth annual Rock Against HD - A Benefit for The Huntington's Disease Society of America and we're ecstatic to announce an amazing line-up for it... Three acts that routinely headline local venues are all donating their time and excessive energy to the event: Radars to the Sky, Fol Chen, and Light FM.

Rock Against HD is a grass roots benefit meant to raise awareness of the neurological disorder and funds for The Huntington's Disease Society of America to research a cure. And it's held in honor of those we've lost to it.

So, it's a fun night for a good cause. You can find all the details (and hear MP3s for all the bands) right here.

You might remember last year's Rock Against HD show at Safari Sam's with The Movies, The Western States Motel, Sarah Negahdari (from The Happy Hollows), The Spires, Thailand, and James Patrick (w/ Ryan from Division Day spinning), but if you missed it here are some great photos from the night from Laura Jennings and still-available MP3s.

Rad poster by Christine Hale.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tuesday Show Low Down (Or "Like A Unicorn Under a Rainbow on the Moon...")

Hnhh. Maybe I'm just catching some more heavily attended shows lately, but damn if it seems like people are going out more again. The last few times I've been to The Silver Lake Lounge, it's been packed. The last time few times I went to Spaceland, there was a line at the door.

I remember a few months ago, some local nightclub owners and managers were telling me that they could see the effect of the economy, but I swear that ever since Obama won, it feels like people are out and, well, the mood has really changed.

Tuesday, January 13
- Sara Lov, Learning Music, Modwheelmood, & Pink Mochi @ Spaceland
- Check One Twosday w/ Warpaint, Brother Read, & Crooked Cowboy @ Echoplex
- Mike Stinson & Dave Gleason @ Redwood Bar
- Ida Maria & Gliss @ The Viper Room
- Living Dead Lights @ The Troubadour
- Andrew Jackson Jihad, Dan Janish, K Gholie, Roman Candles, & Joyce Manor @ Echo Curio

I've been meaning to check out Sara Lov, Learning Music, and Pink Mochi, separately, so it's quite helpful that they're all playing together.

Wednesday, January 14
- Glasvegas @ The Troubadour
- The Nels Cline Singers @ Largo
- Club NME @ Spaceland
- NO CULTURE with Resident DJs Guns N Bombs, & Goddollars @ The Echo
- Shane Walsh, Alex and Sam, & James Bowers @ Bordello
- Intergalactic Noise, New Planets, & FIM @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Captain Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss @ Redwood Bar
- Les Blanks, Death to Anders, & The Soft Hands @ Three of Clubs
- Big Whup, Sean Pineda, Ilo Mar, & Hello Shark @ The Smell

I haven't seen local act Les Blanks play yet, but have seen some amazing live performances by both "gregorian punk" Death to Anders and Long Beach's finest The Soft Hands.

Thursday, January 15
- Yacht @ The Roxy
- Tribe After Tribe, Thriftstore Allstars, & Paul Newsome @ Spaceland
- Studiofix, Double Damn, & Black Tales @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Meiko, Obi Best, Lelia, Broussard, & Keaton Simmons @ The Hotel Cafe
- Navigator vs Navigator, Elba, Flaspar, & Sprawl Out @ The Smell
- The Entrance Band, Indian Jewelry, & The Growlers @ The Troubadour
- Nikki Costa & Fiona Apple @ Largo
- Respect @ The Echo
- Old-Time Ruckus Revue Special Show @ The Hyperion Tavern
- Glasvegas @ Amoeba Music (FREE - 7PM)

The line-up at The Troubadour sounds pretty great, if you're a fan of interesting (ie Arthur Magazine) music.

Friday, January 16
- Delta Spirit & Everest @ The El Rey
- Eleni Mandell, Theresa Anderson, Emily Wells, Pedestrian, & Big Phony @ The Hotel Cafe
- Ozomatli, Wait Think Fast, & The Little Bastards @ Echoplex
- The Chuck Dukowski Sextet, Scarcity of Tanks, Autopgolpe, & Jack Brewer Reunion Band @ The Smell
- The Start @ The Troubadour
- Kill Kill Kill, Corey Fogel, Moses Campbell, & Red Maids @ Pehrspace
- Club Underground @ The Echo
- The Muffs, The Dollyrots, Calamity Magnet @ Spaceland
- STS9 & Prefuse 73 @ The Wiltern
- Jon Brion @ Largo
- Husere Grav, Robedoor, Horse Head, Wagon Tongue, & Goliath Birdeater @ Echo Curio

Everest at The El Rey or Eleni Mandell at The Hotel Cafe would be a good use of your Friday night...

Saturday, January 17
- Autolux & Wooden Ships @ The Henry Fonda Music Box
- Paramount Styles, Rademacher, & Model Actress @ Spaceland
- Theresa Anderson @ Amoeba Music (FREE - 2PM)
- The Ditty Bops @ McCabe’s
- STS9 @ The Wiltern
- Funky Sole @ The Echo
- Wild Youth, Daytime Television, The Rozzes, & Skinny Tie Band @ The Smell
- Hundred Days, Victoria, Kingsize, & The Pacific, @ Bordello
- Manhattan Murder Mystery, The Primos, The Mormons, & The Studiofix @ Pehrspace
- Fool’s Gold, Visa, & Pluralone @ The Troubadour (FREE)

If you don't have the funds to catch Autolux at The Henry Fonda, consider seeing Walk at Echo Curio, Manhattan Murder Mystery at Pehrspace, or Rademacher at Spaceland.

Sunday, January 18
- The Eastern Conference Champions @ The Scene
- Brunch Americana w/ Mike Stinson, Dave Gleason, Josh Davis, & Dale Peterson @ Redwood Bar
- Tenlons Fort, Jenny O, Adam Ezra, The Northstar Session, & Ryan Smith and Voyage @ The Hotel Cafe
- Blue Diamond Benefit w/ The Hectors, The Breakups, & Hello Dragon @ Spaceland

Jack Gibson from Tenlons Fort is a creative madman with more energy and enthusiasm than a classroom full of second graders.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Monday Night Free Residencies: Robert Francis, Olin and The Moon, & Rocco Deluca

Here are some videos to help you decide which of the free residencies to hit tonight:

- Robert Francis, Red Cortez, The Horse Thieves, & Evan Way of The Parson Red Heads @ The Echo

- Performer Magazine presents Olin and The Moon, Leslie and The Badgers, My Imaginary Friends, & The Deserters @ The Silver Lake Lounge

- Rocco Deluca, Ida Maria, Honeyhoney, & Jillian Hank Leigh @ Spaceland

More on the rest of the week tomorrow...

Friday, January 09, 2009

Interview: Franco Near Death

Self-described shoe-gazey garage rockers Franco Near Death are playing at The Scene tonight out in Glendale with The Transmissions, The New Room, and Lost Libraries, so we thought we'd check in with them.

Hey, Jared. Thanks for taking the time. How you doing today?

Hey Joe, I'm doing great today, but I'm not sure why. I didn't get a parking ticket this morning, so maybe that's it. ha ha

So, how long have you guys been together? How did you meet?

I joined up with Sunil about two years ago (Jesus!) after hearing his demo of Morning Panic, finding myself sort of enchanted by it. I remember showing up to his practice, possibly uninvited, after a pretty solid day of drinkin'. Those were the days! Since then we've lost the old rhythm section and replaced them with my brother Calvin and my friend Sam, who had just moved here from Chicago, most likely fleeing the mob. That line up change occurred over the summer and we started playing shows last autumn. Calvin's first performance of any kind was with us at Que Sera!

What's are some influences you all share or don't?

I feel like none of us recognizes anything in the other guys' record collections! I showed Sunil a Slowdive song he'd never heard the other day, for goodness sakes. I was giving Sam a bunch of shit for having a Weezer sticker on his guitar. But I think as people we're all pretty similar, so we tend to appreciate the same elements of what we're hearing.

What's the best thing about being a band in LA?

The best thing about being a band in LA is that there are a ton of amazing bands to inspire you, or challenge you I guess. Just living in LA is amazing if you ask me! I still can't get over this place, and it's been more than three years! You know what's not the best part of it? LA girls are just not impressed by musicians. In other towns you could just be like "Yeah, so I'm in a band..." Or at least that's the way it seemed before I moved out here and joined one.

You've got a show on Friday at The Scene with The New Room, The Transmissions, and Lost Libraries. That's a good line-up. How did that come together?

That's a great line-up, and it's just pure luck! We played with The New Room the last time we played at The Scene, and I felt like we destroyed it. So maybe we impressed them or the booker. I hope that's what it is. I hope my mom isn't bribing people again.

What's the band's name from?

Sunil came up with that name after reading about Generalissimo Francisco Franco, who took a really goddam long time to die.

What have you been working on most lately? Writing, recording, playing out?

We're preparing to record sometime this winter. We've been playing quite a bit, and we've been working out some covers, including OMD's The Native Daughters of The Golden West, Killing Joke's Love Like Blood and Ladytron's Destroy Everything You Touch which we debuted in Venice to a predictably clueless audience last week.

You were interviewed on ISGOODMUSIC earlier this week. How did that go?

It was great! John is such a cool guy, really the first person to take an interest in us. We were nervous as hell, but he made us feel really comfortable after about a minute of shakey voices. As an added comfort we brought a 30 pack of Cerveza Cauguama, and he shared it with us. Afterwards, he sent us mp3's of our performance and he even edited out my mistakes! Magically, I assume, because they were huge mistakes! It feels really good to be part of the IsGood community.

What's next for you guys?

We're playing tonight at The Scene, then we're going to teach Sam and Calvin some of the older material. I'm really trying to change my style, and I'm trying to screen print some shirts! I'm ruining about five per day as of now. That will put us on the map!

Last question: What are you listening to right now?

VOICEsVOICEs! Have you heard them? It's unbelievable to me. That's actually the best part about being in LA: having bands like them or Blackblack or Eskimohunter as our peers. Or The Warlocks, for godssakes!

- Morning Panic MP3

Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's Next for 25 Great Local Bands

Yep. As the title of this post pretty much states, we asked a bunch of our favorite bands what's next for them in "the future" (aka 2009). And more than two dozen replied -- with answers ranging from intense specific plans to charming vaguenesses to comedy gold.

Evan Way – The Parson Redheads

In 09 - lots of things planned! We may be putting out a 7" in the early part of the year. That is REALLY exciting, since we have never had a vinyl before. Keep your eyes peeled. We also will start the process of learning the last handful of songs we need to get down before thinking about a full length. So there will be a new Red Heads full length by the end of 09, for sure. Who will release it? When exactly? No idea. And, as always - we really want to get out on tour more. A lot more.

Diana Salier – Automatic Drawing

As for 2009 we're hoping to refresh the setlist and write some new songs for the new year. We also have some plans to record "The Winter Scientist pt. 1 & 2" and "Sea Urchin song,'' which we wrote at the tail-end of this year and don't have any solid documentation of, beyond some live acoustic recordings and videos.

Beyond that we'll be playing around LA 1-2x a month to keep the live thing going so we hope to see you out there!

Jordan Huddock – The Marvelous Toy

Shows beginning on Jan. 5th at Silverlake Lounge for Olin and the Moon’s residency. Spaceland on the 26th. And then next month at SL again for Local Natives’ residency. I’m writing more songs for a full length to be released hopefully mid-year sometime. Franck will be buying a few new shirts. Ny will probably be late to a couple rehearsals. Eventually we will most likely meet up at a restaurant somewhere and have a hamburger. Franck will order the veggie burger.

Matthew Teardrop – Manhattan Murder Mystery

We're doing some recording with Brian from Divisadero that hopefully will be done in early 2009.

We're making a concept album. The concept is "awesome."

Jason Brown - Nightfur

Nightfur will play some local shows to support the new album. I will also be finishing up my feature film and am very excited to have the music of Band Of Horses, Everest, The Parson Redheads, Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Lucy Langlas, and The Karabal Nightlife involved! The trailer will be posted online in January. Karabal Nightlife has a new album on the way that should be really cool.

William – The Savages

We going to either run guns in Myanmar or eradicate Death Squads in South America (they’re killing kids you know).. and more music of course.

Sarah Negahdari – The Happy Hollows

In 2009, we are releasing lots more music!!!

Mike Corwin – Red Maids

Touring with Dorian Wood and Killsonic.

Wendy Wang – The Sweet Hurt

I'm writing for my first ever full-length album.

Nick Ceglio – Death to Anders

Touring Touring Touring. Heading over to SXSW in March. We're also gonna start demo-ing for our next album in January/February

Keith Waggoner - Amateurs

I’ve got a wedding coming up in March that I’m pretty excited about. And a couple musical collaborations happening in January that I’m looking forward to. 2008 turned out to be a pretty quiet year for Amateurs, but we’ll be making some noise in ‘09, so keep an ear out for that I suppose.

Hunter Curra – The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

There will be some new beginnings. We are hoping SXBW will work out as well as many other out of town shows, more planned out special in town shows, and a long form release of innocuous indie pop hooks from us to you.

Andrew – The Temporary Thing

I'm recording in an REAL recording studio and -depending on whether or not I somehow acquire a sack of money- an album should be finished soon. World tour to follow.

Geoffrey Geis – Pizza!

We are recording new music for our next studio LP. We are planning right now on a digital release with remasters of some of the best music we released combined with a couple of new songs. Later in the year we are hoping to release a full-length vinyl record, and we will also most likely continue to release home recordings and oddities in the vein of our non-studio 2008 EPs "Bound by a Love" and "What is Love? ...I Just Drifted Away." Finally, we are working on a cover of David Bowie's "Modern Love" for a charity tribute record to be released by Manimal Vinyl.

Riaz - The French Semester

For us: New album release party Jan 28 Silver Lake Lounge, European release in Spring. Many local shows. Two road trips, one regional, one transatlantic (thats right, roadtrip). First album is getting interest in Spain so that should be fun. Get the car dirty, then take it to the carwash.

Josiah Mazzaschi – Light FM

Feb 1st at Spaceland! SXSW in March! New Full length CD!

Jonathan Leahy – The Broken Remotes

We're shooting a video for "Shut off the Machines" with director Warren Kommers, shooting for february premier. Releasing a single called "Boxer's Arm" in January. Funny story-- a week before recording the song (session was two days ago, Sunday the 14th) I broke my hand playing football with friends at the Rose Bowl. The injury is called a "Boxer's Fracture". Crazy coincidence. I still managed to lay down my guitar parts between painkillers.

Jacob Summers – The Rhone Occupation

Yeah, we'll be definitely releasing our record early this year (09)- it's been a tough process trying to get everything to sound right, but we're getting really close. We'll be having David Newton mixing a bunch of it, so we're excited about that! And, hopefully: we'll play more shows!-

Erica Elektra – Hearts of Palm UK

We are releasing our album in the UK, and will be going on tour there in the summer.

Karma – Super Karma

The new album will be done in the new year and more shows to come!

Jason Bays – The Spires

Releasing our new record sometime in early part of the year and playing a bunch.
Late 2009 release - The Spires / Riot In My Heart --A compilation of our first 5 years w/ unreleased tracks and covers.

Samuel Bing – Fol Chen

Fol Chen will spend the first half of 2009 finishing up the construction of the FC Pyramid (see attached image). There has been a lot of red tape to deal with. The deadlines. Total bullshit. Anyway, the thing about the FCP-1 is that it will allow us to broadcast from the legendary WLIR-FM, though that station has been off the air for years, and was located in Garden City, Long Island, New York. Still working out the details on this, but we've run some tests and it's looking good. The first broadcast will deal with our "problems" with John Shade. It will be called "Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made." The presence of DJs Donna Donna and Malibu Sue will be felt, which is appropriate.


In 09 we are taking the beginning of the year easy to finish our first full album, and then head off to SXSW in March. Hopefully the album will be out in the fall of 09 and we are going to try to tour as much as possible. If Blur is playing Coachella we will also be in attendance in late spring.

Wavves is a more obvious band to keep an eye on, but some LA bands are Fol Chen and Music Go Music. Also keep an eye on The Sleeping Bags to take over the LA shoegaze scene.

Randolph – One Trick Pony

2009: We'll have "full of life" album and "familiar" EP.

Ken & Melissa - Shiloe

We're planning to play more out-of-town shows in nearby cities like San Francisco, San Diego & Vegas. We would also love to head out to the Southwest...hopefully for SXSW. (Fingers crossed!) We're probably going to be doing some recording in the new year; a full-length is a definite possibility. And, of course, if anyone wanted to take us to Europe, we wouldn't be adverse!

Pauline Lay – Divisadero

I've been thinking about the first quarter of 2009 for the last two months...Guaranteed, there are lots of future shows booked with wonderful bands I really enjoy--both as musicians and genuine people. Hmm, maybe there'll be some shows in new spaces? No promises.

Jesse & Lindsay - The Karabal Nightlife

Next in '09? The release of our second album in the earlier part of the year followed by some touring. We'll be happy to finally start playing a bunch of shows again.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

EGM, I Knew You Well...

It's nothing to do with the indie rock, but who cares? I found out last night Electronic Gaming Monthly, a video game magazine I worked at in SF five years back, is closing down and many of the staff have been laid off. And it sucks.

My time at EGM was some of the most fun I've had in my entire professional career. The people there were fun, interesting, well-read... great to talk to, share ideas with, trade books/movies/music/game recommendations, drink with, whatever... Just really good people.

As someone who has some experience in layoffs -- I'm on my second but have interviews lined up with some great game companies -- I can say that sometimes these things work out for the best.

It's going to be rough for everyone the next few weeks and possibly months -- it's tough facing the unknown in a troubled market -- but I know that based on what I saw when I was there, these people will land in much better places.

Tomorrow, it'll be back to the indie rock: a look at what a lot of your favorite bands have planned next.

But, regards, guys. Regards.