Thursday, May 18, 2006

Band of the Week: Rademacher

"All the best songs are love songs," sings Rademacher’s lead Malcolm Sosa in They Are Always Into That, “I don’t think you can argue that, no, I don’t think you can argue that..."

And we can’t, cool kids and square kids, too. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to argue with Rademacher about anything, as their songs often begin in ridiculous lyrical fiddle-faddle but twist and turn with a carnival barker’s logic towards their inexorable choral conclusion, one usually couched in some kind of undisputable point about love or death or whatevahs.

"If you wanna talk shop lets talk shop if you wanna drink let’s drink til we drop let’s get all there is to be got all there is to be had no we won’t live forever but that’s not really so bad," Sosa sings in Playing for Fun, all while the sort of mad organ that you'd think only Tom Waits -- all crooked smiles and broken halos -- could get away with builds in the background. "If you ask me for reals I will tell you for true that this isn’t a game it is just what we do and it’s not about who is on top because there’s always that drop yes there’s always that drop and if you ask me that’s no reason no reason to stop."

The band has three EPs worth of goodness to its credit at this point, with the latest of them just coming out a week or so back. Each one has enough great songs on it for you to put it into heavy rotation in your cd player, and what with all three now going around at once, you'll probably start jonesing to see them live right away, like me.

Rademacher are currently on tour across the country and don’t have an LA performance announced yet among the dozen or so dates they've talked about so far, but it's expected soon.

And wherever it is? I'll be there.


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