Monday, July 10, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Why Don't You Show Us Where Your Heart Is?")

This week looks like a pretty good week for people who can’t stay home. I mean, there’s the super-energetic Happy Hollows at Il Corral tonight. On Tuesday, there’s high quality co-billing of Division Day and The Bedroom Walls at El Cid. On Thursday? Ship Collective members Great Northern and The Pity Party -- who I don't know, but they're managed by one of the guys from the sadly defunct Green and Yellow TV -- at The Silver Lake Lounge. And on Sunday, The Western States Motel (who we interviewed last Friday) are having an album release event at Tangiers.

The other days? I’m afraid you’re on your own. (I hear Superman Returns is okay.)

The following bands have announced show dates for LA (see the right-hand column for details): Sufjan Stevens, Final Fantasy, Shiloe, The Like, Let’s Go Sailing, The Bedroom Walls, Helen Stellar, Harvey Danger, and Oh No! Oh My!.


Blogger Susan M said...

I'll be at Three Inches of Blood/Early Man/Bad Wizard in Corona tonight. Metal all-ages shows is where the fun is at. (Caught them last night in Hollywood too.)

11:02 AM  

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