Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Releases Tuesday - 10/17

Annuals - Be He Me (AceFu)

Badly Drawn Boy - Born in the UK (Astralwerks) Hey, did anyone else absolutely love Hours of the Bewilderbeast but then never listen to this guy ever again after that?

Everclear - Best of Everclear (Capitol) Well, first there's the obvious joke, "best of Everclear? What is it, like 10 different versions of that "Santa Monica" song?" (I just wanna see some...paaalm trreeees) Second though, this totally makes me feel old when bands like Everclear that first hit it big when I was in high school are starting to release career retrospective "best of's." So is this my generation's classic rock??

Goldfrapp - We Are Glitter (Mute) Remix collection taking tracks exclusively from Goldfrapp's last album, Supernature. Features remixes by the Flaming Lips(?!?), DFA, François K, Múm and T. Raumschmiere.

Gomez - Five Men in a Hut: Singles 1998-2004 (EMI)

Imitation Electric Piano - Blow It UP, Burn It Down, Kick It Till It Bleeds (Drag City)

Bert Jansch - The Black Swan (Drag City)

Nitzer Ebb - Body of Work (Mute) The Sadies - Tales of the Ratfink (Yep Roc)

Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots (UMVD) Not sure what to make of this band, though they seem to be a big favorite at Indie 103. All style, no substance...or the real deal? Not sure, but the lead single is catchy:

Download: Shiny Toy Guns - "Le Disko"

Squarepusher - Hello Everything (Warp) Jenkinson cuts back the noise and glitch and returns to his more melodic jazz side? PopMatters has the story...

Christopher Willits - Surf Boundaries (Ghostly)


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