Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Video Free Silver Lake: Citizens Here & Abroad and Irving

You might remember that we ran an interview with San Francisco’s Citizens Here & Abroad a few weeks ago, right before they played El Cid here in town. Unfortunately, I missed the show because I was traveling to Chicago, but Michael from Shoestring Concerts luckily attended it and put together this excellent footage from the night.

Also, one of our best local indie pop acts Irving are playing at Spaceland on Thursday night to celebrate the release of their new video for Jen, Nothing Matters To Me, their theme song for the emotionally unavailable off of their latest album.

It’s well worth attending the show – they’re great live -- but if you can’t, here’s a look at said video.


Blogger Nickid said...

Great Video! Congrats to Irving! Sadly i'll be missing the show on Thursday, for a show at Three of Clubs, with The Weather Underground, The Prix, and The New Fiditely!
But hoping to make it out on Monday, the 27th!!
Love the site Radio Free Silverlake! This is a great place to find out the latest haps!!
Nicki D. /
Dive Underground Entertainment

2:00 PM  

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