Monday, January 22, 2007

The Monday Show Lowdown (Or "Soy Milk In A Striptease Highball Glass")

I hope you didn't make any plans because it's another one of those weeks in LA when you could go out every night and still miss some great shows. Let's dive right in and take a look at some of the many highlights…

- The Henry Clay People, Shiloe, & Family Tree Analog @ Mr. T’s Bowl
- The Pity Party @ The Silver Lake Lounge (Free)
- Sylvain Sylvain & Sami Yaffa of The New York Dolls & Idyllists @ Safari Sam’s
- The Submarines, Dead Ponies, & Signal Hill Transmission @ The Echo (Free)
- The Broken West, The Western States Motel, & Ferraby Lionheart @ Spaceland (Free)

DECISION? The events with The Henry Clay People and The Submarines sound great, and I’ll definitely be at The Pity Party’s show next week when The Happy Hollows and Eagle & Talon play. I’ve been meaning to see Ferraby Lionheart and The Broken West for awhile now and heart The Western States Motel, so I’ll be there if I don’t have to work all night.

- Let’s Go Sailing, The Black Pine, & Tigers Can Bite You @ Let’s Independent at Boardner’s of Hollywood
- Birdmonster, Wired All Wrong, The Drawing Board, To Live and Die in LA @ The Echo
- Dustin O’Halloran @ The Derby
- The Bird & The Bee w/ Colorforms @ The Troubadour
- Enid the Dowl @ The Key Club
- The Procession @ El Cid
- Midnight Movies @ Safari Sam’s
- The Broken West cd release party @ Sea Level Records
- Emily Haines & Soft Skeleton @ The El Rey

DECISION? Yeah, it’s probably no surprise that I’ll be at the Let's Independent! event that we’re hosting at Boardner’s with Let’s Go Sailing, The Black Pine, and Tigers Can Bite You. (I don’t mean to push this show down your throat, but it should be really goddamn fun.)

Too bad that The Bird & The Bee’s cd release event at The Troubadour with Colorforms is the same night because I’ve wanted to see both bands.

- Deerhoof & Hella @ The El Rey
- Rock Insider Presents The Valley Arena, Light FM, Thieves and Liars, Stepsonday @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Lo-Fi Sugar @ 3 of Clubs
- Bloodcat Love @ Club Moscow at Boardner’s of Hollywood<

DECISION? I've missed seeing Light FM play a few times now and don't intend to make that mistake again -- plus I want to support local music site Rock Insider's event.

- The Colour @ Spaceland
- Lavender Diamond, The Finches, & Winter Flowers @ Safari Sam’s
- The Break-Up Brendas, Death of a Dancer, Sunday Drivers, Sink To See, The Naked @ The Knitting Factory
- Foreign Born & Los Abandoned @ The Troubadour
- Lemon Sun & Takota @ Detroit Bar
- Family Tree Analog, Die Rockers Die!, and The Health Club @ The Verity Room
- The Softlightes, Castaneda, & Casxio @ The Silver Lake Lounge

DECISION? Lavender Diamond are always amazing and I’ve heard great things about Sunday Drivers lately, but Foreign Born are excellent and Los Abandoned are supposed to be as well. In short, tough call…

- Cold War Kids @ Spaceland
- Black Lips @ The Echo
- The Shins @ Amoeba Music (Free in-store)
- The Obsolete Heart @ The Knitting Factory
- Veruca Salt, Run Run Run, OK Stranger, & The Distants @ Safari Sam’s
- Of Montreal & Enon @ The El Rey

DECISION? Cold War Kids are rad live, but that show is long since sold out. I really like what I’ve recently heard from Black Lips, who are also playing on Saturday.

- Black Lips, The Ettes, & The Willowz @ Spaceland
- Mezzanine Owls, Lemon Sun, & Robbers on High Street @ The Echo
- LoveLikeFire, Gliss, The Moderates, & Muscadine @ The Scene (Glendale)
- Brian Wilson with Al Jardine @ Long Beach Theatre

DECISION? I’d pretty much give my first born child to see Brian Wilson play, but that’s not going to happen… Mezzanine Owls at The Echo sounds like a super solid back-up plan. And The Ettes have been added to the line-up at Spaceland with Black Lips and The Willowz.

- Murmur, Robedoor, & The Lights From Here @ The Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club at All-Star Lanes
- Chris T-T @ Spaceland.
- Of Montreal @ The Troubadour

DECISION? I can’t say enough good things about The Lights From Here. They’re one of my favorite instrumental post rock acts. Plus? Bowling! I’ll definitely be there.

That's it for the week... Please lemme know if I missed anything.

These bands have also announced new dates (or else I just noticed them): Trans Am, French Kicks, Enid the Dowl, Service Group, The Henry Clay People, Paleo, Family Tree Analog, Die Rockers Die!, The Health Club, Clark 8, Good on Paper, The Loose Ties, Studio FX, Warfield, I Make This Sound, Castledoor, The Breakups, The Break-Up Brendas, Death of a Dancer, Sunday Drivers, Sink To See, The Naked, Black Lips, The Octopus Project, The Autumn Defense, Sebadoh, The Procession, Astra Heights, The Obsolete Heart, Veruca Salt, Run Run Run, OK Stranger, The Distants, Midnight Movies, The Broken West, Miho Hatori, Red Sparrowes, Cold War Kids, Moving Units, The Deadly Syndrome, The Spinto Band, and Dios Malos. (See the right-hand column for venues and dates.)


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