Friday, April 27, 2007

Just Announced: Radars to the Sky & Signal Hill

Spaceland has just announced that Radars to the Sky, Signal Hill, Castledoor, and You, Me, & Iowa will be playing there this Sunday night for FREE.

Since Radars to the Sky are easily among the best new live indie rock acts in LA and post rockers Signal Hill were responsible for one of my favorite live performances this year (at the tiny, but wonderfully punk rock Pehrspace), I'd really recommend you consider taping whatever it is you watch regularly on Sunday nights and, y'know, go.

And don't forget The Hectors at Pehrspace tonight!

- Download: Radars to the Sky’s Long Walk Home MP3
- Download: Signal Hill's Celadon MP3
- Download: The Hectors' I Drove All The Way From Bridgeport Just To Make It With You MP3
- Mini-Interview: Signal Hill
- Mini-Interview: The Hectors


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