Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday New Releases: Manic, John Vanderslice, Tegan & Sara, & Yeah Yeah Yeahs

By this point, you gotten the point that tonight is our FREE show with Xu Xu Fang, In Waves, and Signal Hill over at Boardner’s, but what you might not have known is that the EP release event for LA act Manic is also going on over at Cinespace a few blocks away with Flostradamas, Dead Ponies, and Chromeo. Luckily, our show usually wraps up relatively early and they start up fairly late, so you could ostensibly catch both tonight...

Other new releases this week include:
Alamo Race Track - Black Cat John Brown
Circus Devils - Sgt. Disco
The Lovemakers – Misery Loves Company (Enhanced)
Oliver Future - Pax Futura
Prince - Planet Earth
Robbers on High Street - Grand Animals
Will Stratton - What The Night Said
Tegan & Sara - The Con Vapor
Tiny Vipers - Hands Across The Void
UNKLE - War Stories
John Vanderslice - Emerald City
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Is Is EP
Hans Zimmer – The Simpsons Movie Soundtrack


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