Monday, August 27, 2007

Let’s Independent! w/ The Amateurs, One Trick Pony, & The Lonely Years

Tonight’s the night of our latest Let's Independent! event at Boardner's of Hollywood, which are always really goddamn fun.

We’ve got three great local acts – The Amateurs, One Trick Pony, and The Lonely Years – who if you haven’t heard yet, you should. And since the show is FREE, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to do exactly that thing.

Go here for the details and hear MP3s for all three bands. And below are links to interviews we’ve done with them in the past...

The Amateurs“[Our lack of a bass player] changed our sound quite a bit, but surprisingly, people loved it. We got a better response on that leg than we had on the whole tour, so we decided to go with it.”

One Trick Pony“It gave me time to really listen to them over the stalled months, and pinpoint what I liked and didn't like, allowing me to strip out or add in what I probably wouldn't have thought of had I been rushed.”

The Lonely Years“Becky grew up on a farm in rural Ohio, Hale is a preacher’s kid from West Texas, and Joe grew up in Brooklyn from a family of musicians.”

Hope you can make it out.


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