Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Airborne Toxic Event CD Release

Tonight, the entirely-likable local rock act The Airborne Toxic Event celebrate the release of their first album with a sold-out show at The El Rey... Impressive for a group that's not been playing out even two years, but somehow unsurprising. (Their first live show was even pretty fucking packed.)

After tonight, they're off on a national tour in support of The Fratellis -- and if the attention they've gotten so far is any indication, they'll likely win a lot more converts.

Again, it's nice to see a good band from the neighborhood getting a lot of positive praise. Hopefully, it'll rub off on a lot of the other excellent acts around here, such as Radars to the Sky (who are opening up tonight), The Happy Hollows, Division Day, Le Switch, The Movies, and many, many more.

Here's a Rehearsal Space interview with the band, the ten videos they created in support of album release (one for each song on it), and links to some older interviews we did with them.

- The Airborne Toxic Event Interview
- The Airborne Toxic Event Mini-Interview


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