Thursday, October 30, 2008

Every Day is Like Halloween? Well, geesh, Al...

Earlier in the week, I emailed around with members of a few great local bands to ask them about their favorite horror films and what they're dressing as for tomorrow's holiday. And the answers?! May shock you...

Jack from Mezzanine Owls:

I'm not too big on horror movies, but I guess I would say 28 Days Later is my favorite horror movie. As far as what I'm dressing as… I'm a chronic procrastinator and never get anything figured out in advance, I should have it more or less figured out by five o'clock or so on Friday.

Karma from Super Karma:
I'm going to have to say Halloween from 1978. And I'm going to be a bumble bee. A hot sexy one. ;)

Dave from Signal Hill:
Rishi is going to be the skeleton costume wearing Johnny from the karate kid, and Tim is going to be one of the Green team from the 1980 movie Midnight Madness......m.e.a.t. - m-a-c-h-i-n-e, meat machines meat machines!

Brian and I are lame and dont have costumes yet :(

The Savages:
Our horror pick is Cannibal Holocaust

And For Halloween...

William: A lecherous Otto van Bismark
Mark: Bjorn Borg
Kilo: Waldo

Christian from The Transmissions:
I will be a Great Depression era "Unemployed Worker" And it's hard not to pick Evil Dead II as best horror movie!

Geoff from Pizza!:
I can speak for myself when I say favorite horror film is Sleepaway Camp and my Halloween costume is Ashley Todd, the McCain volunteer who carved a backwards "b" into her cheek last week.

The Hectors:
Favorite horror film
Jim: Muppets Take Manhattan. It's scary... if you're in Manhattan.
Corinne: The Shining

Halloween costumes
Jim: A hot dog.
Corinne: A slutty hot dog.

Hunter from The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra:
Favorite Horror movie:
Either Black Christmas or Deep Red

My Halloween costume:
A business casual whitey

Buddy from Buddy:
My fave horror movie is probably Evil Dead, mostly because I was eight when I first saw it and it was the first horror movie I had ever seen (unless you count Mary Poppins).

It scared the shit out of me and wasn't til many years later I realized how hilarious it was.

This year I'm thinking I'm going to go as a tornado. You know: gray sheet, tie a bunch of matchbox cars, little farm animals and houses around me with fishing wire, and then just spin around all night until I make myself and everyone else sick from dizziness...

Erica from Hearts of Palm UK
Favorite horror film - THE EXORCIST! Haha, of course.

What am I gonna be? I'm gonna be an angel with the name Chris painted on both hands.... Chris Angel.

Jesse from Princeton:
I think my favorite horror movie of all time would have to be The Leprechaun series. Those movies were crazy! Also, for Halloween I am not sure what I am going to be but if I had to guess I might dress up as the worlds largest ball of mud

Emma from The Black Pine:
Mitch is going to be a lamb in a white tuxedo and I will be an aging Hollywood starlet ala Sunset Boulevard.

The Pity Party:
The Pity Party's fave horror film: The Shining
What The Pity Party is going to be for Halloween: The Happy Hollows


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