Friday, October 03, 2008

REMINDER: The Eagle Rock Music Festival on Saturday

An opportunity to see Earlimart, One Trick Pony, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Le Switch, Princeton, Crystal Antlers, Light FM, The Cobra Lilies, and more for free? Yeah, I'll be there...

Here's the full schedule, followed by a printable listing and map.

1). Emerging Stage - Shearin/Colorado
6:30-7:00—Abe Vigoda
8:10-8:50—Crystal Antlers
9:05-9:20— Gangi
9:35-10:10— Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
10:30-11:10—Mika Miko
11:25-Midnight—The Evangenitals

2). Global Stage - Caspar/Colorado
5:00-5:45 - dublab DJ
5:45-6:45 - Very Be Careful
6:45-7:30 - dublab DJ
7:30-8:30 – Fool's Gold
8:30-9:00 - dublab DJ
9:00-10:00 - Build An Ark
10:00-10:30 - Speaker & dublab DJ support
10:30 - 12 - Domingo Siete

3). Panang/Zocaloc Stage (Spoken Word/ Indigenous Hard Rock) - Colorado/Argus
5:00-6:00-Mike The Poet – Spoken Word
6:00-6:45- The Bus Stop Prophet – Spoken Word
7:00-7:30—Stab City
10:00-11:00—Aztlan Underground

4). Renaissance Arts Academy (Classical) - Colorado/Argus
5:00-7:00- an eclectic program featuring music by 20th and 21st
Century Composers performed by students of Renaissance Arts Academy

5). Colombo's (Blues/Full Service Rock and Roll)- Colorado/Hermosa
5:00-7:30—The Joe Johnston Band
8:00-10:30—Ann Likes Red

6). Bateman Water and Heating Co. (Punk-A-Billy) - Colorado/Hermosa
5:00-7:00 – Late Night Snack: Literary Cabaret
7:00-7:30—Permanent Blue (Eagle Rock HS Battle of the Bands Winner)
8:00-8:30—The Beeters
9:00-9:30—Le Face
10:00-11:00—The Curs
7).Women's 20th Century Club (Big Band/Swing)
5:00-9:00—The Jack Lantz Big Band

8).Welcome Inn (Zydeco) - Colorado / Hermosa
8:00-10:00—Fontenot & Pappion Louisiana Band

9).American Tire Depot – Eagle Rock Block and Friends - Colorado/Glen Iris
The Ship Studios Stage/Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club
6:00-6:30—Listing Ship
7:00-7:30— Landy with The Black Pine
8:00-8:30— The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra
9:00-9:30— The Parson Red Heads
10:00-10:30— Radar Bros.

Kingsize Soundlabs Stage/ Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club
5:30-6:00—Human Value
6:30-7:00—Pierre de Reeder
8:30-9:00 — Le Switch
9:30-10:00—Light FM

10). Rantz (Latin Lounge) - Colorado/Shearin
6:30-8:30— Kotolan

11). City Hall (Children's Stage) - Colorado/Maywood
5:00-5:45—Open Gate Theatre
6:15-7:00—Ellen & Matt
7:30-8:00—Special Guest
8:15-9:00—CA Combo

12). Church of Christ (Indian/Gospel/Sound) - Colorado/Maywood
5:00-6:30—Forever Dedicated Gospel Group
7:00-8:30—Arohi Ensemble (Classical Indian & Raga Jazz)
9:00-10:30— The SASSAS SoundShoppe: An improvisational, experimental
sound performance featuring Joe Potts, Gabie Strong, Greg Lenczycki, Jorge
Martin, Helga Fassonaki (Metal Rouge), Andrew Scott (Metal Rouge),
Doug Henry, and others to be announced.

13).Camilo's (Jazz) - Colorado/Caspar
5:00-6:30—Andres Torres Trio
6:30-7:30—Cynthia Speer
8:00-10:00—Cynthia Speer

14).Swork (Singer/Songerwriter) -Colorado/Eagle Rock Boulevard
7:00-7:45—New London
8:30-9:30—One Trick Pony

15). American Legion Hall (Folk/Experimental/Hybrid) - Merton/Eagle Rock Boulevard
5:00-5:45—The Cobra Lilies
6:00-6:30—The Antarcticans
6:45-7:30—Emily Lacy
7:45-8:30—Upsilon Acrux
8:45-9:30—Emily Wells
9:45-10:30—Jesske Hume/Joe Berardi/ Jeremy Drake: Experimental Improv
(with butoh by Oguri)

16). Divine Forces Stage (Hip Hop/Funk/Soul/Breakbeats/World) - Merton / Caspar
5:00-5:35— Grainshifter
5:35-6:05—Eagle Rock Underground DJs
6:05-6:45—DJ J1
6:45-7:30— Blank Blue
7:30-8:15— Bambu
8:15-8:30— DJ J1
8:30-9:00— Akasha
9:00-9:15— Eagle Rock Underground DJs
9:15-10:00pm— Special Guest
10:00-10:15pm— Eagle Rock Underground DJs
10:15-11:00pm – Cava

See you there!


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