Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Candy Corn Is Not A Vegetable")

Have you noticed? It’s starting. Many of the fantastic local bands we have here in LA are starting to be snapped up by record labels. Cold War Kids, Great Northern, Division Day, The Little Ones… Others like Sea Wolf, The Western States Motel, and The Mezzanine Owls are being circled or are in negotiations as we speak.

We haven’t seen the mainstream magazines start writing too many articles about what an incredible music scene we have going on here right now, but mark my words, they should start hitting in just a few months.

I started this site earlier this year because there were bands here that I didn’t see getting nearly enough coverage, so the idea that the rest of the country might soon being paying attention to them is great to me. We ought to share, you know?

I mean, sure, it’s going to be sad when you can’t see an act like The Silversun Pickups at a place as small as Spaceland or The Echo anymore, but I guess you can always think back fondly to the seven or eight times you caught them at one of those venues in the past. Ha.

So, if you’re thinking about catching one of your favorite bands at some tiny secluded spot some night and consider backing out last minute to stay home with the Netflix and the dog, don’t. Because, you never know, it could be your last chance.

With that in mind, here are some highlights for this week:

Tonight, Rocket conclude their free residency at Spaceland, while In Waves, The Mezzanine Owls, The Beauty Shop, and The Meeting Places play – also for frees – at The Silver Lake Lounge. (I’m heading to the latter.)

On Halloween night this Tuesday, The Deadly Syndrome – who have recently been receiving a lot of local blog love – perform at The Silver Lounge, The Airborne Toxic Event and Dios Malos roxxor The Echo, Ladytron and Midnight Movies are at The El Rey, and Devo, Flock of Seagulls, and Bow Wow Wow play at The Greek.

Wednesday night, Jamie Lidell heads to Safari Sam's, The Oohlas hit The Scene, Strange Rebel Frequency plays The Derby, and Austin’s Voxtrot take The Troubadour. (That's the night of my b-day and I’m spending it seeing Voxtrot with friends.)

On Thursday, Moving Picture Show and Fairmona play Spaceland and Regina Spektor does The Wiltern. Friday, San Francisco’s Citizens Here & Abroad perform at El Cid, while Mudhoney and Howlin' Rain head to The Ex-Plx/Echo. Then Saturday, Pink Mochi hits Little Pedro’s and on Sunday, The Henry Clay People play The Cocaine and The Bentleys, Enid the Dowl, and The Cinder Cones destroy All Star Lanes.

The following bands have recently announced shows for LA: The Happy Hollows, The Soft Hands, Sputnik Monroe, Fairmona, Moving Picture Show, Ragsy, Warfield, You Me & Iowa, Cavil at Rest, The Henry Clay People, Foreign Born, The Oohlas, Shiloe, Midnight Movies, The Black Pine, The Submarines, Minor Canon, The Devils Romantics, The Spires, The Mezzanine Owls, and more. (See the right-hand column for dates and venues.)

Also? My friend George recently started a music blog called Complicated Dance Steps, which you really ought to bookmark and visit often. Besides being a great guy, George always seems to be obsessed with six or seven bands that I’ve never even heard of before. He's gotten me into a lot of excellent new musics. Go say hi.


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