Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Releases Tuesday - 10/24

+ / - Let's Build A Fire (Absolutely Kosher)
NYC experimental pop trio release their first record for Absolutely Kosher.

Download: +/- "Steal the Blueprints"

Atari Teenage Riot - Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000 (Digital Hardcore)
Jello Biafra - In The Grip of Official Treason (Alt. Tentacles)
Biz Markie - Make the Music With Your Mouth Biz (Cold Chillin')
Blanche - What This Town Needs (V2)
Blow - Paper Television (K Records)
Bright Eyes - Noise Floor [B-sides and rarites] (Saddle Creek)
Broadfield Marchers - When The Lifted Connive (St. Ives)
Tony Conrad - Joan of Arc (Table of the Elements)
Converge - No Heroes (Epitaph)
Cowboy Junkies - Long Journey Home (Zoe)

Curtains - Calamity (Asthmatic Kitty)
The cryptic musical logic of CALAMITY might be recognizable from Cohen's past projects (both Deerhoof and Natural Dreamers), but this record is brimming over with what was only hinted at before. The singing and lyrics have at last brought The Curtains' vision into a clear and recognizable focus.

Damsel - Distressed (Temporary Residence)
Devestations - Coal (Southern)
Ellie Come Home - Primary Sources (Emergency Umbrella)
Everything Now - Sunshine of Doom (St. Ives)
Fila Brazillia - Retrospective 1990-2006 (23)
Ben Folds - supersunnyspeedgraphic (Sony)
Miho Hatori - Ecdysis (Rykodisc)
Frida Hyvonen - Until Death Comes (Secretly Canadian)
Heartaches - Too Cool For School (Swami)
Horrors - The Horrors EP (Stolen Transmission)
Jan Jelinek - Tierbeobachtungen (Scape)
Koop - Koop Island (K7)

Kill The Vultures - The Careless Flame (Locust Music)
The Careless Flame is the second album by critically acclaimed Minneapolis rust belt hip hop outfit, Kill The Vultures. MC Crescent Moon (Alexei Casselle) lays out an urgent asphalt confessional of Big Apple torment, ghostly hallucinations & white lightening relief over Anatamoy's rickety chain gang rhythms, obscured arabesque guitars & wailing noir saxophone skronk.

Moby - Go: The Very Best of Moby (V2)
Ordinary Boys - How To Get Everything You Wanted In Ten Easy Steps (Universal)
R. Keenan Lawler - Music For Bluegrass States (Table of the Elements)
Robert Lippok - Robot (Western Vinyl)
Roger O'Donnell - The Truth In Me (Great Society)
Skygreen Leopards - Disciples of California (Jagjaguwar)
Smile Empty Soul - Vultures (Bieler Bros.)

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Broom (Polyvinyl)
The SF Weekly calls this "one of those rare albums where every song is crafted delicious and essential."

Download: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Oregon Girl"

Sparta - Threes (Hollywood)
Starless & Bible Black - S/T (Locust Music)
Tall Hands - S/T (Hands Pulse) TM Juke - Forward (Ubiquity)
Jeff Tweedy - Sunken Treasure [DVD] (Nonesuch)

Walkmen - Pussycats Starring The Walkmen (Record Collection)
During John Lennon's separation from Yoko Ono in 1974, he romped around LA with his buddy Harry Nilsson, getting drunk and getting thrown out of nightclubs. In the midst of the party, Lennon, Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, and a rag-tag gang of others headed into the studio with Lennon as producer. The result was "Pussy Cats", a fascinating and often misunderstood album featuring a mix of classics and originals rearranged by Nilsson and Lennon to suit the wild mood of those infamous days. In January 2006, after finishing the final mix for their new record, "A Hundred Miles Off", The Walkmen decided to recreate "Pussy Cats"...a celebration of rock 'n' roll, good friends, alcohol, and excessive instrumentation that's right up the Walkmen's alley. -Amazon.com

Download: The Walkmen - "Another One Goes By" (Live at KEXP)


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