Monday, April 17, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Whistle While You Work It")

Last Saturday night, I saw Califunya: The Most Beautiful Show That Ever Lived, a musical “peace comedy” put on by Becky Stark from our favorite fairy princess folk act Lavender Diamond at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood.

What was it like? Imagine attending a third-grade school play where the kids are really big or watching a more sedate, less prop-heavy episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. It was full of costume changes, musical numbers, magic bubbles, love rays, and child-like wonder, and was charming, silly, ridiculous fun.

I’d sound like a complete music nerd to add that I’d have liked it even more if Becky had sang something off of her solo album, but I guess there you are. Maybe next time...

In The News:
- So this week brought with it both sunnier weather and news that Frank Black/Stephen Malkmus lovechild Tapes n Tapes and LA blues/rock band Cold War Kids are headed back to town together on June 16th at The Echo. Indie psych rockers Film School will also be coming down from SF again on June 9th to The Echo. That’s great news for people who love fun.
- Some of the show highlights of this week include another free Army Navy show at Spaceland tonight, the Little Ones cd release party at El Cid on Tuesday, a Division Day show at Club Moscow on Wednesday, and The Silversun Pickups at The El Rey on Saturday night.
- Something that came up last night over dinner with friends... If you’re worried that your favorite band is only playing Coachella in the coming months and skipping LA completely, realize that he folks that put on the event likely don’t want them announcing their LA shows until their little festival is over. So if you can't make the Coachella, you might not have to necessarily start making plans to fly to Seattle to see Mogwai or Wolf Parade. (For a revised look at all this summer's music festivals, go here.)
- The following band have announced LA show dates: The Constantines, Kelly Stoltz, Parts & Labor, The Streets, Lady Sovereign, Caspian, Shiloe, Moving Picture Show, The Willowz, The Court & Spark, and His Name is Alive. (See the right-hand column for more information.)


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