Friday, May 19, 2006

Mini-Interview: The Index

I usually run quick Q & As each weekend, but the interviews I was arranging with a few bands didn’t quite coalesce in time this week, so it seems like the perfect time to provide links to some of the earlier pieces I’ve done, in case you missed one of them.

Sea Wolf – Meet the other band with Alex Church from Irving. They’re playing The Troubadour on the 23rd and it’s a show shouldn’t be missed.

The Green and Yellow TV – Few groups, local or otherwise, put the pop in indie pop quite like these guys.

Division Day – "One of indie rock’s most shockingly unsigned bands."

The Lights From Here – This act nails instrumental post rock... and without the noodley jazz influence that’s crept into a lot of other semi-similar acts.

Film School – These San Francisco’s ghost rockers made one of my most listened-to albums this year.

Irving – What can you say about LA’s premiere indie pop band that hasn’t been said before? (They’re playing tonight at The Echo with SF’s Kelley Stoltz and at Saturday’s Benefit for Fyn Stec at El Cid.)

Great Northern – Another Ship Collective act makes good. Music. (They’re also part of the Benefit for Fyn Stec at El Cid on Saturday night.)

Army Navy – If you can think of a LA-based indie pop band that works harder than Army Navy, I’d be surprised.

The Little Ones – These guys are like the Mary Tyler Moore: They turn the world on with their smiles and take a nothing day and suddenly make it worthwhile. (They’re also appearing with Irving and Kelley Stoltz at The Echo tonight.)

Foreign Born – One of the most original-sounding rock bands in Los Angeles today.

The Movies – I wrote a full feature article around these indie legends, I like them so much.

That's it. Nearly a dozen interviews in all. (If you didn't realize that the band names link to the articles, you should really try clicking on one of them...)


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