Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Releases Tuesday - 6/20

Frank Black - Fastman/Raiderman (Back Porch/EMI)
Is it just me, or does Frank Black release a new solo album every six months? Chalk up two more for the Pixies frontman, this one's a 27-track double CD.

Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder (Astralwerks)
It seems that someone should have tried harder, because this collection is about 6 years too late. I have to admit, at the time I actually rather liked You've Come A Long Way, Baby (1998), even with "The Rockafella Skank" getting played into the ground. However, by the time its follow up was released a short two years later, Norman Cook's schtick seemed, well..."so 1998." These days, it's almost like Fatboy Slim has dropped off the face of the Earth. Does anyone remember an album called Palookaville released in 2004?? I barely remember that coming out and don't think I even heard a note off of it. Adding to the irrevelancy of this release, the entire Fatboy Slim catalog is readily available in used bins for about a buck or two a piece...so why anyone would shell out a full $18.99 for this is beyond me.

Submarines - Declare A New State (Nettwerk)
Cute indie couple from Boston who were together for four years but then split up after moving L.A., inspiring this record of sad break-up tunes. However, in a plot worthy of the WB primetime, the heartfelt songs written about their experiences brought the young lovers closer together than ever, and they are now married. In fact, the mastering of this record was actually a wedding present from one of their friends.

Also this week...

Kyle Andrews - Amos In Ohio (Badman)
Brightback Morning Light - Brightback Morning Light (Matador)
Guster - Ganding Up On The Sun (Reprise)
Keane - Under The Iron Sea (Interscope)
Luna - Best of (Rhino)
Smoosh - Free To Stay (Barsuk)


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