Friday, June 09, 2006

Mini-Interview: Let’s Go Sailing

When Let’s Go Sailing’s Shana Levy sings "All I want from you is love," it basically sounds like the most reasonable request in the world. So, it's little surprise that the band's particularly pretty blend of independent pop music has sent LA-based concertgoers swooning for several years now.

Having recently finished mastering the tracks for the act’s first full-length album Chaos in Order, Levy answered a few questions for us about the formation of the band, where they’re headed, and the origin of their full sentence name.

How did Let’s Go Sailing come together? You started back in 2002, right? And you left Irving to start this band?

I started Let’s Go Sailing (which was just me) while I was in Irving just as a side project I think in 2001, but it started to become my main focus and I started making a record while I was in Irving in 2002. In November 2002, I left and pursued Let’s Go Sailing full time.

Who are your influences?

My biggest influence has been classical music. I grew up playing classical piano and it has always been what’s hit me the hardest. I think also Elliott Smith made a huge impact cause he put beautiful words on top of beautiful music, and I've always thought that the two were equally as important. I also love a bunch of stuff which has in one way or another influenced me playing music like the Talking Heads, The Police, The Cars, David Bowie, Velvet Underground, Kate Bush, Cat Stevens.... Tons more!

Some of the members of Let’s Go Sailing are in other groups (Nikki Monninger is in The Silversun Pickups, Tanya Haden is in several bands, and so on). Has that made it difficult to find time to play out and record?

Yes, having people in other bands has been very frustrating as far as playing out! Not so much with recording. When I started the band, it was a side project, so it didn't matter to me that the people I was playing with were in other bands cause I was in another band myself. I was bummed when everyone's time commitments made it impossible for them to continue playing live and I realized that something had to change. So, I’ve been changing the band into something with more permanent members.

You recently finished mastering your 11-song album, Chaos in Order. When’s that due out? Are you self-releasing it?

I don't know what will be happening with the record. I worked on it for a while and tried hard to make sure every song could stand on its own, so I really hope it ends up with a good home. There has been a lot of talk from people about putting it out and some offers, but I may just self release it cause the earliest it would come out from a label at this point would be early 2007 and I want to make another record already!

What was the recording process like?

We rehearsed the songs and pretty much knew all the basic parts before going in. We tried to record as many instruments live as possible. Then we did overdubs. We put everything to 2 inch and then either continued on 2 inch for overdubs or went to Pro Tools. A lot of times I would write a guitar part in the studio or if I thought a song needed a new perspective, I'd ask a friend to play something on it. I also ended up doing a bunch of vocals at home on Pro Tools. I felt more comfortable making cheesy faces in the privacy of my own home.

What’s the name of the band from?

It was a bumper sticker on my Dad's car growing up. We did a lot of sailing.

What’s next? Do you have plans to tour soon?

Yes, for sure. We are up for a couple of cool tours, so we'll see. I definitely plan to tour this record and take over the world!

Last question: Who are some of your favorite bands in LA right now?

The Radar Bros., The Bedroom Walls, Dios Malos, Lavender Diamond, The Little Ones, and Space Mtn.

That's it. Thanks for your time, Shana.

Let’s Go Sailing will play The Prospector in Long Beach on June 27 with The Bedroom Walls and Soft Lights and The International Pop Overthrow at Spaceland in LA on August 8.


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