Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Releases Tuesday - 8/8

Unless you're an Ani DiFranco fan, another really slow week as far as new releases go.

La Rocca - The Truth (Dangerbird)
I guess I had always discounted these guys as just another generic American indie rock band, but it turns out they're actually from the U.K.(though L.A. has become their adopted home). Also, once you skip through their gratuitous rawk/indie pop anthems, they actually show a bit of personality and originality as you dig deeper on this debut record. Not a genius record by any means, but something worth a second listen on a slow week.

Download: La Rocca - "The Life" (MP3)

The Cure - Head on the Door [Deluxe Edition] (Rhino)
The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me [Deluxe Edition] (Rhino)
The Cure Top [Deluxe Edition] (Rhino)

Rhino continues their "deluxe" reissues of classic Cure releases, remastering the original tracks and including an extensive second disc for each featuring outtakes and rarities. Not recommended for the casual fan who once owned a used copy of Staring At the Sea in college.

Download: The Cure - "In Between Days" (MP3)


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