Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Wednesday Show Low Down (Or "While You Were Sleeping With The Enemy")

Bad Interweb weather has struck the RFSL home office this week, turning the regular Monday Show Low Down column into a Wednesday one. My girlfriend informs me that it’s caused by mercury being in retrograde and the aftershocks of it will clear up by Thursday. Meanwhile, my self-attempts at phrenology have been inconclusive -- except to rudely imply that I’m some sort of ineffectual career criminal -- and the goat I sacrificed on Tuesday morning appears to have had little to no discernable effect.

After missing both Say Hi To Your Mom at The Echo and Dirty on Purpose -- two of my favorite new bands -- at Spaceland on Saturday night, my heart is so full of regret I find it hard to describe. (Cough.) It's a disasterbacle of epic proportions... Or something.

Monday was the last free residency night for Darker My Love at Spaceland and The Ettes at The Echo, while last night was the final Tuesday residency show for Bedroom Walls, who are fantastic live and you ought to see them next time they play. (Unfortunately last time I caught them, they had to perform an abbreviated set because the amateur comedy hour that occurs on Tuesdays at El Cid ran late.)

The big show event this week is actually a nearly two-hour drive south at San Diego's Street Scene, where Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother, Tapes n Tapes, The Shins, Modest Mouse, and more are playing on Friday and Saturday. Then here on Sunday, Giant Drag, The Submarines, The Upside Down, and Restaurant are playing the Little Radio BBQ downtown.

As far as new show announcements go? I'm still catching up, but Band of Horses are coming to The Avalon on October 2nd and Sound Team and Voxtrot are returning to town on November 1st at The Troubadour. More soon.


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