Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Band of the Week: Bedroom Walls

Bedroom Walls are the sort of reward you sometimes get when you go out to see a show in LA and hang around to hear what the other bands are like. At least, that was the case when I went to see Division Day at El Cid two weeks ago and luckily caught these guys afterwards.

Bedroom Walls call what they do “romanticore,” but I call it “pretty” and “fun” ... some of the most instantly endearing music I’ve come across yet. Each song was a pleasant surprise.

I mean, really, I’m a sucker for songs that use organ and Bedroom Walls not only do they have a stellar keyboard player, but often have someone on xylophone and sometimes even a triangle. On top of all that, the group switched instruments frequently in the effortless way that former long-standing members of high school band seem to be able to fully carry off.

In between numbers once, 70’s suited lead Adam Goldman called out requests from the audience and when someone jokingly yelled “Bob Seeger!” busted into a quiet but amazing rendition of one of his works that shut everyone up quickly. (“That’s a goddamn lot better than any Bob Seeger song I’ve ever heard…” I heard someone say nearby.)

By the time it was all over, I’d made plans to come back and see them again before their Tuesday night residency in July at El Cid was up. And after looking into it more, next week when they play with similarly precious pop act Let’s Go Sailing sounds like the perfect night.

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Blogger Susan M said...

Thanks for this post, these guys sound intriguing.

Most of the local bands I catch at shows totally suck, so it's nice to hear about discovering a good one!

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