Thursday, September 07, 2006

Band of the Week: Citizens Here and Abroad

The San Francisco music scene has spawned more than a few notable bands over recent years, like the power chord heavies The Fucking Champs, rock charmers Birdmonster, and sadly departed Stratford 4, to name just a few...

But the latest up-and-coming act out of the Bay Area is Citizens Here and Abroad, who come armed with a number of haunting male-and-female harmonies to bring you smart pop for your cute, but sort of sad, little face.

Consider Stranger, a song which repeatedly extols “cigarettes and alcohol” in its break, right after lead singer Adrienne Robillard invites you out to be antisocial with the lines: “I’m going out tonight -- to a house party. Meet me outside -- and we will ignore everybody inside…”

Or watch the slo-mo video car crash made for the whispery track You Drive and We'll Listen to Music:

Or else just pick up their latest release Waving, Not Drowning when it comes out on Tuesday, September 26th on Turn Records.


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Great pick!!!

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