Monday, December 11, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or “It All Went Downhill After The Penguin Bit Me…”)

Hey, my tortoises woke me up having sex at like 6AM, but somehow I’m still running late to work, so I've gotta keep this sorta quick...

Highlights this week? On Monday, The Parson Red Heads and Airborne Toxic Event play The Echo for free, and Juania May and The Hymns perform Tuesday at El Cid.

On Thursday, it’s all about either The Movies and The Happy Hollows at Mountain Bar or Spaceland on Ice at Pershing Square with Great Northern and The Submarines. And Friday, [Post-Foetus] and The Deadly Syndrome head to The Unknown Theater in Hollywood, while The Natural Disasters take The Old Towne Pub in Pasadena.

On Saturday night, The Lights From Here, who are one of my favorite instrumental rock bands and just reformed, will play Pehrspace. Or maybe you scored tickets early for the now-sold-out show of The Silversun Pickups, Midnight Movies, and Twilight Sleep at The Troubadour.

Then on Sunday, The Silversun Pickups return to The Troubadour with Irving and Tigers Can Bite You.

The highlights of the highlights? The top three would have to be The Silversun Pickups, Irving, and Tigers Can Bite You at The Troubadour, The Movies and The Happy Hollows at Mountain Bar, and Spaceland On Ice with Great Northern and The Submarines at Pershing Square. All three shows should be really goddamn amazing...

But there’s even more going on this week. Check out the right-hand column for who is playing where and when, including new dates for The Pity Party, Autolux, Dead Meadow, Bloodcat Love, Chris Holmes, The Bloody Heads, Cosio, and Port O’Brien, Scissors for Lefty, ArtDamaged, The Bentleys, Loverlee, Stephen James, Teddy's Cheer Club, The Temporary Thing, Philistine, Zanzibar Lewis, Sunset Rubdown, Xiu Xiu, and Low.


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