Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Cold War Kids

So, yeah. Cold War Kids have been doing extremely well lately, but have still been playing shows at smaller clubs such as The Silver Lake Lounge and Spaceland when they could fill up venues like The El Rey at this point.

Why are they doing it? I hate to jump to conclusions but the only thing that I can guess is that ... they're pretty damn cool? That's my, um, thesis statement or something: Cold War Kids are cooler than most. That's what I've been lead to surmise by their actions. (Twirls monocle.)

That all said, if you don't have tickets to see them play at Spaceland on Friday, you're probably not going to get them. But there are still tickets available for the event at The El Rey on Feb 21, which, if you're eighteen you should be really happy about because it's also all ages.

If you can't make either ... maybe you don't know what these "ticket" things I'm talking about are, your lack of Spanish skills makes the name of one of the venues confusing, or you just hate fun ... well, there's always these moving pictures.

Here's footage of them playing Hospital Beds live at Lollapalooza last year, as well as the video for Hang Me Out To Dry.

- Mini-Interview: Cold War Kids


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