Thursday, February 22, 2007

Band of the Week: The Battle of Land and Sea

Sure. It’s cool when songs grow on you, but it’s even better when they’re immediately likeable. The Battle of Land and Sea, whose music is lightly reminiscent of a less heroin-y Mazzy Star, have at least a few tracks like that.

My friend JR says that the singer “sounds like a siren exiled to the land for love of a lighthouse keeper.” I don’t know if I completely agree, but you definitely find yourself thinking of lonesome sea-cliffs, ocean swells, and other nautically-themed fare when you hear their song Saltwater Queen. And then you can imagine her and said lighthouse keeper experiencing an uncomfortable break-up while listening to their starkly pretty cover of Harden My Heart.

As the band explains on their myspace page, their recent EP "is a self release with hand-sewn sleeves and hand-drawn artwork. very DIY with love and crafty vibes. we holed up in a home studio for a few weeks late last summer with Jacob Golden tweaking knobs, bottles of wine and doing our best of recreating an old jazz club atmosphere. calling out all the old ghosts from past recordings on beautifully warbled vinyl and paying them respect."

You can find The Battle of Land and Sea EP here and see them play out at Tangier’s here in LA this Sunday night at 7:00.

- Saltwater Queen MP3 (You Send It Link)


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