Monday, April 02, 2007

The Monday Show Low Down (“What’s The Medical Term For When You, Y’Know, Accidentally Get Turned Inside Out?”)

It’s my first day back to work today after a month spent wallowing in my own crapulence, so I’ll keep this pretty quick… Did you see that Sonic Youth are going on tour playing Daydream Nation? You know, the album that Pitchfork rightly called the best album from the 80s? Tickets are on sale for their Friday, July 20th performance at The Greek.

And did you also hear that local music sites Rock Insider, Little Radio, You Set The Scene, and Radio Free Silver Lake are teaming up for a show called Now Blog This! on Thursday, April 14th at The Scene in Glendale?

We’ve got The Western States Motel, The Pity Party, The Clean Prophets, and The Valley Arena playing and The LA Times’ Kevin Bronson and Sea Level’s Sylvia will be djing. Expect more shameless plugs about this again soon…

Anyway, here’s how this week is looking like, show-wise.

- The Minor Canon, Nico Stai, Repeater, & The By and By @ Spaceland (Free)
- The Black Pine, The Poor Excuses, & Lion of Panjshir @ The Echo (Free)
- Wires on Fire, The Antarcticans, Sabertooth Tiger, & DJ Godzilla @ The Silver Lake Lounge (Free)
- Eastern Conference Champions @ Viper Room
- Ratatat @ The Henry Fonda

It’s the first free residency night of the month, so the choices are plentiful. It’s more about do you go to see X band this Monday or one of the four other chances we’ve got in April.

Por ejemplo, I really like The Black Pine, who are playing with Lion of Panjshir, who I’m curious about because they’ve got some good tracks on their myspace page … but both acts are playing with Xu Xu Fang on Thursday at The Silver Lake Lounge.

I’ve wanted to check out Wires on Fire’s loudness and they’re also playing with The Antarcticans, an instrumental rock band who I’ve wanted to see awhile because they started the label that The Lights From Here are on.

And I definitely want to see melancholy pop act The Minor Canon at Spaceland. Their album No Good Deed Goes Unpunished is one of my favorites so far this year… but they haven’t announced the line-ups for their other shows this month, so I don’t know if I’ll want to catch next week more. But I know I’ll probably see them a few times in April.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the decision making process at 7:47 AM in the morning.

- The Deadly Syndrome & Scanners @ Cinespace
- Rizorkestra @ The Knitting Factory

I really can’t say enough good things about The Deadly Syndrome’s live performance, but I’d recommend seeing them at Spaceland later this month more when they play with The Happy Hollows again. Here are reviews of last week’s show with them on music sites The Passion of the Weiss and Rewritable Content.

- The Henry Clay People CD Release Party w/ The Natural Disasters, Kissing Tigers, & Writer @ The Scene(Glendale)
- Jason Lytle and Aaron Espinoza, Light FM, Human Value, & Blood on the Tracks @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- The Youngs @ The Mint
- The Little Ones & Sea Wolf @ The Troubadour
- Wake Up Incinerate, Enid the Dowl, the Atomic Music Explosion, and the Randies @ Safari Sam’s
- Persephone’s Bees @ Spaceland

Another tough night for the even relatively indecisive… The Little Ones and Sea Wolf are easily two of the best live acts in LA right now, but there’s going to be a rare performance with Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza and Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle over at The Silver Lake Lounge and The Henry Clay People are having a cd release party over at The Scene in Glendale.

- Man Man & Simon Dawes @ The Roxy
- Kind Hearts & Coronets @ Safari Sam’s
- Xu Xu Fang, The Black Pine, & Lion of Panjshir @ The Silver Lake Lounge

Rock Insider is putting on a surprisingly reasonably-priced show at The Roxy with Man Man and Simon Dawes and I’ve really wanted to see psych pop act Kind Hearts & Coronets play out, but the allure of seeing Xu Xu Fang, The Black Pine, and Lion of Panjshir all play together at The Silver Lake Lounge is pretty strong.

- Richard Swift & Sons of National Freedom, David Vandervelde & Moonstation House Band, & Peter Walker @ Spaceland
- She’s Your Sister cd release party w/ Casxio @ Safari Sam’s
- Dean & Britta @ The Getty
- First Fridays w/ Plaid, The Submarines, & DJs Dntel & Hoseh @ The Natural History Museum of LA County
- Evil Maria, The Switch, & One Trick Pony @ M Bar

There are some great acts playing on Friday, but The Switch make great “bedraggled, fall-down-the-stairs pop” and One Trick Pony’s Box Song is constantly stuck in my head, so I’m probably heading to M Bar in Hollywood.

- Dean & Britta @ The Silent Movie Theater
- Corazon County @ Tangier
- The Weather Underground @ Lolopop! USC Ground Zero Coffee House
- The Thermals, Them Hills, & Wet Confetti @ The Echo

Not sure if anything is pulling me out that night, but fans of Luna will probably want to catch Dean & Britta at The Silent Movie Theater on Saturday. (If they haven't already taken the tram up to the frigging gorgeous grounds of The Getty to see them on Friday evening.)

- All India Radio, Signal Hill, & Amestor @ The Knitting Factory
- Hearts of Palm UK @ The Hive Gallery

Like I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of post rock act Signal Hill's live show. It'd be well worth braving The Knitting Factory to see them play.

That’s it. Did I miss anything? Please let me know.

I’ve added shows for the following bands to our concert calendar: Sabrosa Purr, The Northern Two, Wires On Fire, Die Die Die, Tsk Tsk, Maps and Atlases, Nudity, Moonrats, Gengis Kahn, Qui, Free Moral Agents, Black Fur, DJ Travis Keller, She’s Your Sister, Casxio, Shiloe, Sounds Familyre, The Western States Motel, The Pity Party, The Clean Prophets, The Valley Arena, Kind Hearts & Coronets, Sonic Youth, The Hold Steady, Lily Allen, Dinosaur Jr., Wake Up Incinerate, Enid the Dowl, The Atomic Music Explosion, The Randies, Eastern Conference Champions, The Zincs, The Parson Red Heads, The Raveonettes, The Deadly Syndrome, Scanners, The Klaxons, The Happy Hollows, Pistolero, Gang Violets, Dead Ponies, Lyra, Viva Voce, Forget Cassettes, The Black Pine, The Amateurs, Never At Night, The Monolators, Thailand, LoveLifeFire, Nico Stai, The By and By, Repeater, Richard Swift & Sons of National Freedom, David Vandervelde & Moonstation House Band, Peter Walker, The Poor Excuses, Lions of Panjshir, Plaid, The Submarines, DJs Dntel & Hoseh, and Midnight Movies. (See the right-hand column for dates and venues.)

Oh, and we’ve added some great pics by Sterling "Shutterface" Andrews and Simon Cardoza to our collection of shots from last week’s Let’s Independent! show. See them all here.

- Band of the Week: The Switch
- Mini-Interview: One Trick Pony
- Video Free Silver Lake: The Happy Hollows
- Mini-Interview: The Little Ones
- Mini-Interview: Earlimart
- Mini-Interview: Sea Wolf
- Mini-Interview: The Minor Canon
- Mini-Interview: The Deadly Syndrome


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