Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mid-Week Show Update: Neko Case, Let's Go Sailing, Xu Xu Fang, & Much More

Hey! Quick post cause I'm, like, hella late for work or something. We just updated our concert calendar (the column to the right) with dates and venue info for the following bands:

Neko Case, Great Northern, Sara Lov, Thailand, The Breakup Brendas, Patrick Wolf, Light FM, Mia Doi Todd, Hank May, The Amateurs, The Parson Redheads, Merle Jagger, The Lonely Years, The Front, Melt Banana, Mando Diao, Secret Chiefs 3, Electrelane, Let’s Go Sailing, The Pipettes, Menomena, Datarock, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, MacCabees, The Noisettes, The Detroit Cobras, The Western States Motel, The Mae Shi, The Rentals, Tandemoro, Kind Hearts & Coronets, The Lava Children, Xu Xu Fang, The Mountain Party, Dan Deacon, Sabrosa Purr, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians, Linda Draper, Tussle, YACHT, All Smiles, John Vanderslice, St. Vincent, Sunday Drivers, The Henry Clay People, One Trick Pony, The Karabal Nightlife, The Transmissions, Sister Cities, The Prix, The Hectors, Tigers Can Bite You, Owl Owl, Colorforms, Gliss, The Moderates, Frankel, The Henry Clay People, Divisadero, The Rolling Blackouts, Moving Picture Show, Peachfuzz, The Make Out Party, Sweet Evil, Michael Leviton, Derek Halet, Something For Rockets, Bedtime For Toys, Glacier Hiking, Lenka, The One AM Radio, The Good Listeners, Lay Low, Cossack, Signal Hill Transmission, Anavan, The Shark That Ate My Friend, Bloody Robots, Haymaker, Thirst, Gina Villalobos, Frank Lenz, Francisco The Man!, Numbers, The By and By, Murmur, Anchors For Architects, Hazelden, The VLA, The Weather Underground, NightBird, Dave Gahan & Chris Cornell, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Hot Chip, The Police, The Foo Fighters, DJ Shadow, and Tokyo Police Club.


Blogger bean said...

I love how Neko Case is here a minimum of twice a year, every year.

11:01 AM  

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