Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: Rademacher, Great Northern, Eagle & Talon, & Elvis Perkins

I've had tracks from Fresno's Rademacher stuck in my head. Did you catch any of their Sunday shows here in town in November?

They're back here at Spaceland next month, if you didn't and you should. (I'd read love to get one of those Spaceland live cds from them... They've been nailing it lately.)

Here’s some footage LAist photographer Jeff Koga shot at Great Northern’s secret show at The Silver Lake Lounge a few months back.

This clip of Eagle & Talon is also from The Silver Lake Lounge … from the last night of The Pity Party's residency there. (They have another coming in February.)

And last but not least is one of my favorite Blogoteque entries w/ Elvis Perkins playing the dreamy While You Were Sleeping while walking the streets of Paris.

Photo by Laura Jennings.


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