Thursday, December 27, 2007

Photographer Profile: Simon Cardoza

We start off our series on local indie music photographers with the ever-present Simon Cardoza, who answered a few of our questions about how he got started and what makes him do it. And we've included some of his favorite band photos, to boot.

How did you start taking photos? And doing music photography?

I was always shooting since junior high, using disposable cameras, shooting friends and trips I'd go on. Later my jobs would lead to me being behind the lens for TV news shows. I went to school to learn more technical aspects while playing in rock bands. After my last band broke up, I decided to just focus on my photography. Shooting musical artists is combining my two favorite things: music and photography.

What do you like about it most?

It keeps me near all the excitement that comes along with the music scene. LA is known for music coming out of here and propelling itself into our culture, I like being involved in that process and shaping the image of peoples' perception of a group.

What was the best time you ever had shooting a band or show?

One year I got all access passes to Coachella and All Tomorrow's Parties music festivals, thanks to a fellow photographer friend. I had a blast shooting some of my favorite bands and being on stage with them, including The Flaming Lips, Wayne Cohen in his bubble ball and helping them push him out onto the crowd. Just seeing all these bands up close and capturing them (in good lighting) is something I'll never forget.

Where can people find your work?

Right now, I use my myspace page for bands to see my work, they are on there promoting their music for the fans and I see it as one of the best centralized vehicles for them to view my work and contact me. You can see promo pics, live pics and the music videos I direct for bands.

Thanks, Simon.

Pics: and The Soft Hands, Autolux, Mezzanine Owls, The Henry Clay People, & The Happy Hollows.


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