Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Messages From 26 Local Bands

There's no show low down this week (except to say that it's worth getting tickets early for Sea Wolf and The Afternoons together at The Natural History Museum on Friday, January 4th), but we have holiday messages from a few dozen local bands instead.

Enjoy and be sure to come back tomorrow for an article where we post MP3s given to us from these bands (and more) to pass on to you as a kind of fantastic holiday present -- many of them songs off of upcoming albums due out next year.

But now here's what everyone wanted to say to you, the reader at home, at this very special time of year (or something):

Rob Danson - Death To Anders

Living and playing in Echo Park has really affected me and positively changed my life. During these holidays, I would like to thank everyone that lives, plays shows, or sees shows in Echo Park and Silver Lake for creating such an amazing and inspiring community.

Nate Cole - Castledoor

Everyone should enjoy the one-two punch of having breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Flore Vegan Cuisine and then walking down to intelligentsia for gooood coffee. But then again, it's getting a little crowded, so maybe stay at home and watch Bob Dylan documentaries or learn to play Christmas classics on guitar or piano or whatever. You know.

Oh, and how could I forget?! I learned something about nine years ago that has stuck with me and since then I have always tried to pass this knowledge on whenever I get a chance. So, you know the nativity scene? The one portrayed in xmas plays, front lawns, and window sills? Well it turns out that the three wise men weren't actually there for the birth of Jesus. The bible says the wise men didn't show up until three years later. Gabe says this is because they're guys and they didn't stop and ask for directions.

Malcolm Sosa - Rademacher

Come to my shows and I will give you all a candy cane.

Kim from Eagle & Talon

New Year’s Resolution Idea: get out of bad relationships.

Everyone from Signal Hill

We wish you all a wonderful and joyous holiday season and look forward to seeing you in 08!

Jason Bays & Colleen Coffey -- The Spires

Tight jeans can lower your sperm count.

Keith Waggonner -- Amateurs

Give away your spare change when you can afford it. Enjoy the time you spend with your family. Watch Flight of the Conchords.

Kate & Andrew Spitzer - Radars To The Sky

Use protection.

Dave Woody - Tigers Can Bite You

Be excellent to each another.

Jordan Huddock – Marvelous Toy

More drugs!

Russell Pollard - Everest

Happy Holidays! Let’s hang out soon!

Nicki Nevlin - The Black Kites

The spirit of musical community that we’ve seen here is amazing, and we're happy to be part of it and hope to be even more involved in 2008.

Aaron Kyle - Le Switch

Drive safely.

Joel Graves - Everest

Don't drink and drive. And don't assume you can deal with depression on your own.

Corinne Dinner - The Hectors

May there be many a-present beneath your Festivus Pole this year. (It requires no decoration. I find tinsel distracting.)

Mike Corwin – The Devils Romantics

Happy Holidays, and try to shop consciously and support local craftsmen and artists if you can.

Eli and Mary Chartkoff - The Monolators

For our holiday message, please check out tomorrow’s MP3.

Nikolai Goodich – Molecules

Cool runnin you bumbaklots rock on etc vote vote vote and love love love.

Mike Lee – Letting Up Despite Great Faults

I've been a resident of Silver Lake for three years now and, although I've lived in LA my whole life, nothing beats the Silver Lake/Echo Park/Los Feliz communities. The people here are warm, open, and - my favorite - creative. Happy holidays to all!

Brian Canning – The Afternoons & Irving

Don't honk at people who are obviously looking for a parking spot. Try to make less unnecessary noise. Let’s make 2008 unnecessary noise free.

Chris Richard & Will Etling – The Deadly Syndrome

Chris: Keep a tight grip on your purse and don't walk alone… Scary.

Will: Don't get mugged. It seems like the streets are turning a little tougher these days.

And slow down on Prospect between Vermont and Hillhurst, you jerks. And happy holidays!

Mike Griffin – Tandemoro

Claire McKeown – Dirt Bird & The Afternoons

Keep safe and remember, this is the last year of the reign of fear!

Jenna Degayo – The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

I hope everyone can spend the holidays with their loved ones. I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with my friends and family back in Indiana along with the ice storm!

Erica Elektra – Hearts Of Palm UK

Keep loving LA because it's amazing.

Heisenflei & M – The Pity Party

The Pity Party's Holiday Mandate is as follows: Stop buying gift wrap. Use newspapers and magazines. Recycle others' gift wrap. Gift Wrap is the Devil's Tool. Take down the Wrapping Paper Industry!!!

Next year decorate a potted tree instead of one that lived to be decorated by you and then died for your tinsel sins. Who wants a dying tree inside his house? Bad juju.

For those of you who celebrate Channukah-- take strength in knowing that your holiday is slightly more soulful than your gentile counterparts'.

As for New years Eve, come to Little Radio Downtown and watch The Pity Party play. Oh, and don't drunk drive. And absolutely DO NOT drunk text. Ever.

Joe Fielder – RFSL

I’d just like to say happy holidays to everyone. I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time off.

And many, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this and our other holiday articles.


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