Thursday, April 10, 2008

Video Free Silver Lake: The Minor Canon, Helio Sequence, TRS-80, Wallpaper, & Tara Busch

Once a week, we either scare up passable live footage of local bands we like or post video oddities what people have sent us recently. That day is today and that viewer is you, so sit back on the couch (pictured right) and enjoy.

Here's an older live clip of The Minor Canon, who are headlining our FREE Let's Independent! show at Boardner's next Tuesday. (Hint: You should come.)

Did you catch Portland's Helio Sequence when they came to town recently? Here's a video for their song Keep Your Eyes Ahead off their same-named new album.

Not normally a big follower of electronic music, but I kind of heart this song and video by Chicago ex-pats TRS-80.

Same goes for "electronic funk" but this video from Eenie Meanie Records' artist Wallpaper contains entertainment.

Any you have to hand it to local performer Tara Busch, who runs the site Analog Suicide with her husband, can shatter glasses with her voice, and sings backwards well (below).


Blogger JAX said...

Man that wallpaper video is so fricking awesome. Dude you have to see him. haha. SOO good

12:11 PM  

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