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The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Mama's Got The Sweetest Alarm Clock Around...")

Every time I finish up working on a video game, I think about the possibility of transferring to another project in a different town, but damn if that isn't hard to get my mind around moving out of LA.

I mean, sure, it's got its bad: its expensive as hell, the town's rotten apple Hollywood heart gives it a terrible name, and the traffic all but prohibits traveling outside your favorite neighborhoods. But there are some damn fine people here, it's frigging gorgeous out, and I can't imagine ever finding a better music scene than we've got at this present place and time.

Just look at the shows going on this week... Getting a chance to regularly see acts like Radars To The Sky and The Movies alone makes it tough to think about going anywhere fast.

Monday, April 7
- Radars To The Sky, Aushua, The Weather Underground, & The Parson Redheads @ The Echo (FREE)
- Seasons, The Monolators, Dirty City Brothers, Les Blanks @ The Scene (FREE)
- Checkpoint 303 & Fascinoma @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Abe Lincoln Story & Pride of kenya @ Mr T's Bowl
- Johnathan Rice, Nik Freitas, Pierre De Reeder @ Spaceland (FREE)
- The French Semester, Orion's Belt, Sexocide, & Nibiru @ The Derby (FREE)
- Teddy's Cheer Club, Shiloe, & Moving Picture Show @ Crash Mansion (FREE w/ RSVP)
- Cambodia Fundraiser w/ Gas Station Robber, Mike Burns, Shane Alexander, & Dan and Leland @ The Verity Room<
- China Forbes - The Voice of Pink Martini @ The Troubadour
- Sean Carnage Presents Foot Village record release party w/ Kyle H. Mabson, Robin Williams On Fire, Winners, & Ownweatherone @ The Smell

I'll say it again: Radars To The Sky are one of the best live acts in town. I never get tired of seeing them perform and with the great line-ups they've put together for their free Monday night residency at The Echo, I imagine I'll be going every week.

Tuesday, April 8
- Obedient Waves & The Meemies @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Marie Digby @ The Troubadour
- Santina, Killer Dreamer, The Magazines, Visa Virsa, & Jellmunekita @ Mr T's Bowl
- DJ Nobody, Gaslamp Killer, Caroline, & Jack Tung @ The Echo

Is there some holiday going on this Tuesday that no one told me about? The last time I remember there being this few shows going on, it was fucking Easter...

Wednesday, April 9
- Sara Lov, Ed Vallence, Twilight Sleep, & Cinnamon Roll Gang @ Tangier
- Lesbians on Ecstasy & We Float & The Silver Lake Lounge
- Summer Darling, Wait.Think.Fast, & Army/Navy @ The Echo
- Indie 103 presents CLUB NME with Softlights, The Billionaires @ Spaceland
- Chase Frank, Minmae, & Azalia Snail @ Echo Curio
- Mae & The Honorary Title @ The El Rey
- RJD2 & Dalek @ The Henry Fonda Theatre
- Izzy Cox, Squeezebox and the Men With No Name, & Matt Crane / Joe Baiza / Steve Reid / Adam Diller @ Mr T's Bowl
- Miss Derringer & War Tapes @ The Troubadour
- International Noise Conference w/ Bacteria Cult, Kevin Shields, Tik///Tik, xdugef, Moment Trigger, Tleilaxu Music Machine, Fag Bashers, Sunken Landscapes, KILT, Pukers, Fierstein/Silberman Duo, Dirty Branches, Laco$te, & Laundry Room Squelchers @ The Smell
- SQUAREGIRLS Present Death To Anders, Service Group, Broken Remotes, & Manhattan Murder Mystery

The Square Girls' show with Death To Anders at The Scene should be fun -- I recommend going to the weird hooka lounge across the street afterwards, if you head over there -- as should Wait.Think.Fast and Army/Navy over at The Echo.

Thursday, April 10
- Windy City Gentlemen & Caroline Movement @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Mia Do Todd, Winter Flowers, & Karin Tatoyan @ The Echo
- X @ The Henry Fonda Theatre
- Codpiece, Downtown/Union, The Natural Disasters, and more @ Mr T's Bowl
- Celebration Party @ Echoplex
- Teddy's Cheer Club & Morning in America @ Good Hurt

Mouse over at Classical Geek Theatre had nice things to say about Downtown/Union the other day and others have said great stuff about Karin Tatoyan.

Friday, April 11
- The Movies' Bootleg Album Release w/ The Happy Hollows & The Savages @ Bordello
- Enon, Mellowdrone, & AAnchors AAweigh @ Spaceland
- Super Karma @ Talking Stick (FREE)
- Killradio Benefit @ Pehrspace
- American Hi-Fi @ The Troubadour
- Voice On Tape, 60 Watt Kid, SNACKS, Fantastic Magic, & John Thill @ The Smell
- X @ The Henry Fonda Theatre
- Benny Killz Roady Skaggz, Happy Dwarf, Sundowners, Masterslave, & The TV Liers @ Mr T's Bowl
- An Evening w/ Nick Lowe & Robyn Hitchcock @ The El Rey
- Finest Dearest, Cinder Cone, Mospeada, & Bad Guise @ Echo Curio
- Xiu Xiu, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - followed by Club Underground @ The Echo

The Movies' long-awaited album is finally upon us -- at least in limited advance quantities on Saturday night at Bordello. I've heard about half of it and it's fucking amazing. All the best songs from their live performances over the last few years and more.

The Happy Hollows have also been another huge favorite for forever and though I haven't seen The Savages play before, this video makes me really want to check them out live.

We're also giving away several pairs of tickets to NorCal experimental pop act Xiu Xiu on Friday at The Echo. Just mail us here with "XIU XIU" in the subject and your full name in the body to be entered in a drawing to win. (Must be 21+, have not won anything from us in the last sixty days, and be prepared to not dance until Club Underground.)

Saturday, April 12
- Obsolete Heart's CD Release Party @ Cantner's Kibbitz Room
- Aquarium Drunkard presents: Scout Niblett, Wilderness @ Spaceland
- Dirty Projectors & No Kids @ The Echo
- Descarga Pres: CAVA @ Echoplex
- The Chuck Dukowski SEXTET, The Moon Upstairs, Tea Shades, & Insects vs. Robots @ The Smell
- Free Falling Safe, Surrender The Pink, Bumtech, Vesuvia Sonic, & Sons of Tito @ Mr T's Bowl
- Handsome Furs @ The Troubadour
- Meat Beat Manifesto @ The El Rey
- Hotel Cafe Tour featuring: Ingrid Michaelson, Cary Brothers, Meiko, Jesca Hoop, Priscilla Ahn, Greg Laswell, Jessie Baylin, William Fitzsimmons & Jim Bianco @ The Henry Fonda
- Panic Movement, The Health Club, Clark 8, and Family Tree Analog @ The Echo Curio

Anyone have any recommendations for Saturday night? There are fun BYOB times over at Echo Curio with The Health Club and friends, Aquarium Drunkard is hosting a night over at Spaceland, and The Obsolete Heart have their cd release party over at Canter's.

Sunday, April 13
- Taylor Goldsmith, Michael Davis, & Olin and The Moon & Tangier
- Fol Chen, Pizza, & I Lost The Lottery @ Mr T's Bowl
- 60 Watt Kid, Fantastic Magic, John Thill, & Voices On Tape @ Echo Curio
- Tony Gilkyson, Patty Blee, Kip Boardman, & Uklear Water on the Backporch @ The Echo (Early)
- Poker Tournament to Benefit Antioch College @ Echoplex
- Sick Puppies @ The Troubadour
- Dominique Leone & Naomi Elizabeth @ The Smell
- Hotel Cafe Tour w/ Ingrid Michaelson, Cary Brothers, Marie Digby, Meiko, Priscilla Ahn, Greg Laswell, William Fitzsimmons, and Holly Conlan @ The El Rey
- Part Time Punks @ The Echo (Late)

If you missed Fol Chen's performance at our last Let's Independent! event, you should check them out. Here's a video of them playing from Mouse.

That's it. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Photo of The Movies by Laura Jennings.


Blogger The Health Club said...

I think The Movies and Happy Hollows show is on Friday. Soooo everyone should go to echo curio on Saturday. That place is always fun fun fun and we always bring extra beers for everyone to share!!


1:21 PM  
Blogger Kelli Anne said...

Saturday night recommendation: Dirty Projectors. Probably one of the best live performances I've ever seen. Dave Longstreth is a genius.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Jed said...

I recommend Scout Niblett for Saturday night.

7:51 PM  

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