Monday, May 26, 2008

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Did He Just Karate Chop A Building?")

Happy extra day off. I've been off work for the last month and am headed back tomorrow with no clear idea of how to cram running in the morning, writing the site, writing fiction, going out at night to shows, and doing a full-time plus job into any sort of a realistic schedule.

This week sure is going to be interesting:

Monday, May 26
- Mezzanine Owls, The Quarter After, Asteroid 4, & EXITMUSIC @ Spaceland (FREE)
- Le Switch, Vanessa Micale, The Minor Canon, & The World Record @ The Echo (FREE)
- Porterville @ The Silver Lake Lounge (FREE)
- Surrender The Pink, Mrs. Brown's Lovely Daughter, & The Pocket Rockets @ Mr T's Bowl
- Sean Carnage Presents Anavan, Attractive & Popular, & Voodoo Organist @ Pehrspace
- Indie 103.1 Presents...Check One Two Mondays w/ Foreign Born, Willoughby, Rides On Rides, & Restaurant @ The Viper Room

Wow. Where the hell did the entire fucking month of May go? Tonight's the last night of Le Switch's residency at The Echo and Mezzanine Owls' residency at Spaceland. Two fantastic LA acts and both performing for free.

As far as the openers for those two shows go, EXITMUSIC are dream pop greats, The Minor Canon made one of my favorite pop albums from last year, and I really like what I've heard of The World Record.

To make matters even more complicated, Foreign Born are playing over at The Viper Room... Now, choose!

Tuesday, May 27
- Rock Insider + Web In Front present The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Vaudeville, Sarah Woods, & Jake Blanton @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Lavender Diamond variety show w/ Eleni Mandell, Mia Doi Todd, Becky Stark, & more @ The Silent Movie Theatre (8pm)
- Everybody Else @ The Troubadour
- Santina, Jellmunekita, Manhattan Murder Mystery, & The Monolators @ Mr T's Bowl
- Jaguar Love (members of Blood Bros & Pretty Girls Make Graves), & XBXRX @ The Echo
- Gran Ronde, Castaneda, Evan Slamka (from Majorie Fair), & The Electromagnetic @ Spaceland

Tuesday night is another tough night for the indecisive. There's the Rock Insider/Web in Front show w/ The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra and friends at The Silver Lake Lounge. (I've been listening to an advance of their cd and it's pretty fucking great.)

There's also this variety show put on by Lavender Diamond, who are quite fantastic, at The Silent Movie Theatre. And then my friend Octavius from KXLU Demo Listen says great things about Gran Ronde at Spaceland.

Wednesday, May 28
- Voxhaul Broadcast @ The Viper Room
- Mates of State @ The Henry Fonda
- Superdrag @ The Troubadour
- Metal Madness Nite w/ Unraveled, Earth at Night, Master Cylinder, & A Crooked Deal For The Deaf @ Mr T's Bowl
- Windy City Gentlemen, Globes on Remote, Derek Halet, & Manhole and the Manley Men @ The Silver Lake Lounge
- Colorforms, Learning Music, & Halls of Machine @ Tangier
- Abe Vigoda, Parenthetical Girls, The Pwrfl Power, & AU @ The Smell
- White Rabbits, Happy Hollows, & Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson @ The Echo
- Indie 1031 pres: CLUB NME with The Billionaires, & The Swayback @ Spaceland
- Hard Place, Young Hunting, & Farmathon @ Echo Curio

Any chance to see The Happy Hollows live should be taken. Mouse at Classical Geek Theatre likes Voxhaul Broadcast. And I keep intending to go see Colorforms.

Thursday, May 29
- Ariel Pink, The Sagitarrians @ The Echo
- Superdrag @ The Troubadour
- Jamie Lidell @ The El Rey
- Club Flotsam w/ Seeing Thingz, Hearts of Gold, Renfield, & Out of Town @ Mr T's Bowl
- Filter Presents: Pela, Neva Dinova, & Ladyhawk @ Spaceland

Been meaning to check out both Ariel Pink and Pela...

Friday, May 30
- Club Underground w/ Hot Challenge, Tempo No Tempo @ The Echo
- 89.9 KCRW presents: Fiery Furnaces & Grand Ole Party @ Spaceland
- Why Because, (VxPxC), On Holiday, & Shimomitsu @ Echo Curio
- Beirut @ The Wiltern
- Securty Productions, The Wreck Tangles, The Rum Fits, Rover's Pink, & Andrew's Bad Stuff @ Mr T's Bowl
- The Traditional Fools, The Power-Chords, The Sess, & The Zookeepers @ The Smell
- Trever Keith @ The Troubadour
- Mospeada, Bastidas!, Michael Naht, & Die Rockers Die @ Pehrspace

Noise band Die Rockers Die are the only Central Second Collective act I haven't seen play before. They broke up or hibernated for awhile but returned recently, supposedly w/ a vengeance. Also? Beirut are in town for two nights.

Saturday, May 31
- 89.9 KCRW presents: Fiery Furnaces & Grand Ole Party @ Spaceland
- Abe Vigoda, Crystal Antlers, The Muslims, & AM @ Pehrspace
- Smog Sessions @ The Echo
- Beirut @ The Wiltern
- Captain Ahab & Battlehooch @ The Smell
- Cinematic Sunrise @ The Troubadour
- The Cure @ The Hollywood Bowl
- Club Suicide @ The Echoplex
- Swervedriver, Xu Xu Fang, & Film School @ The Henry Fonda

People have been salivating about the Xu Xu Fang and Film School show w/ Swervedriver at The Henry Fonda since it was first announced a few months back. And with good fucking reason. Also worth noting: Crystal Antlers are playing the same night at Pehrspace.

Sunday, June 1
- Eagle Rock Bowling & Drinking Club w/ Shiloe, Rocking Horse People, Tigers Can Bite You & Death to Anders @ All-Star Lanes
- The Henry Clay People, The Minor Canon, & The Physics of Meaning @ The 6th Street Warehouse
- Poleshift @ The Troubadour
- Super Duper Star, The Happy Casualties, Stab City, & The Hard Goodbye @ Mr T's Bowl
- Dommm, Lucky Dragons, Kixly, Teengirl Fantasy, & White Leopards @ The Smell
- Hikes w/o Mikes w/ One Trick Pony & Mad Gregs @ TBA
- Grand Ole Echo pres: Mike Stinson,David Serby, & Ruby Friedman @ The Echo
- The Neil Hamburger Country Winners Revue...featuring Neil Hamburger

Sunday night? There are great shows at All-Star Lanes w/ Tigers Can Bite You, Death To Anders, and more; The Henry Clay People, The Minor Canon, and The Physics of Meaning at the Sixth Street Warehouse; and, no shit, out on a trail somewhere w/ One Trick Pony.

That's it. Did I miss anything? Please lemme know.


Blogger aerera said...

Oddworld is totally awesome.

4:07 AM  
Blogger LayLawnKnee said...

Not to make matters worse for you on picking who to see on May 30th, but I thought I would suggest seeing this upcoming artist named Val Emmich at the Hotel Cafe at 7pm. If you want, you can check him out before hand on his myspace,, to see how he sounds. Hope to see you there! :)

7:11 PM  

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