Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reminder: Free Show Tonight at Boardner's of Hollywood!

Hope you can make it out tonight to Boardner's of Hollywood for our latest Let's Independent! event with indie rock spookies The Karabal Nightlife, upbeat Long Beach trio The Soft Hands, and psych rock mind-blowers The Savages. It's FREE, there are $3 Dewar's drink specials, and promises to be all kinds of goddamn fun.

For details and MP3s, go right here, and here are some links to interviews we've done with the bands:

The Karabal Nightlife: "[It's] a fictional city from the great 80s gymnastics/karate flick Gymkata... In the movie, the main character goes to Karabal and someone throws a spear at him in the bazaar and he quips 'So much for the Karabal Nightlife...'"

The Soft Hands: "Basically, we're all too scared to give each other orders for fear of what fury we might unleash on each other, but at the same time, we really like being in a band together, so we still get stuff done."

The Savages: "You begin writing and the song starts creating the story and the dream in your mind and heart. From there it is a discipline of letting the music take the lead."

Dog soup art by Christine Hale.


Blogger jsperation said...

I noticed that there is no mention of the Poor Excuses show tonight at Mr. T's Bowl. Amazing songs, genius choreography, and inspired performance every time they play. They go on at 11pm and it's FREE!

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