Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The LA Weekly Detour Festival vs. The Eagle Rock Music Fest

This October 4th, you're presented with a choice between two quality music festivals ... again. You'd think the planning committees would talk to each other at this point, eh?

In one corner, you have The LA Weekly Detour Festival, which boasts bigger acts like The Mars Volta, Gogol Bordello, Black Lips, Peanut Butter Wolf, Cut Copy, and Datarock, along with some LA groups like The Mae Shi, Afternoons, and The Submarines.

In the other, you have The Eagle Rock Music Festival, which features a lot of great local talent like Earlimart, One Trick Pony, The Parson Redheads, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Radar Brothers, Mika Miko, Crystal Antlers, Princeton, and more.

Me? I'm pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of my favorite groups playing the Eagle Rock show ... but October 4th is a question that each person must answer for themselves, I guess.


Blogger Stuart said...

Way bummed by the conflicting shows....

11:05 PM  
Blogger juli said...

Soooo excited about the Eagle Rock Music Festival!

The Evangenitals are closing the show on the Emerging stage and I'm pretty sure that pure love is going to rain down from the skies flooding the streets with paradigm-shifting rivers of joy. Should be a good time! :-)

7:43 PM  

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