Tuesday, November 18, 2008

REMINDER: Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, & The Broken Remotes Tonight!

You're cordially invited to help us celebrate our last indie rock play date at Boardner's of Hollywood tonight... A new music showcase spotlighting your new favorite bands Automatic Drawing, Pizza!, and The Broken Remotes. Again, it's FREE, starts at 9PM, is 21+, and there are Dewar's drink specials all evening long. (Equals party.)

Here are links to interviews we've previously run with the bands and some MP3s, in case you right were on the fence about attending our show or going to the Chinese Democracy listening event down the lane:

AUTOMATIC DRAWING -- "We got together last June, I think. We were called Streets On Fire til about three months ago and the band has been kind of reborn since then: we added a new singer."

PIZZA! -- "ow do we make songs - we take our cat, the fattest one, and we kiss him and kiss him and kiss him. and laugh! then go to the garage and yell at each other. and whistle."

THE BROKEN REMOTES -- "After every show the first thing anyone says to me is 'Wow, Amy is amazing.' So I think technically she's the lead. She lets me stay in the band because I'm the only one who knows all the lyrics."

- Automatic Drawing's The Captain and the Sea MP3
- Pizza!'s Bird Dreams MP3
- The Broken Remotes' Lose The Swagger MP3

Rad poster by Christine Hale.


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