Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Video Free Silver Lake: Foreign Born, Fol Chen, Bodies of Water, Captain Ahab, & Jane's Addiction

by Jed

As usual, a ton of great bands playing this week, everything from catchy indie rock to early 2000s style sweat-all-over-the-audience electro. If you are so lucky as to make it out, here are some videos from bands I recommend seeing:

1) Radio Free Silver Lake favorite Foreign Born -- who are working on new album on an undisclosed label -- are playing out at The Echo on March 10.

2) Bodies of Water and Fol Chen will be playing at the Echo Curio on March 12. Two of my absolute favorite acts in town, also both recently released terrific new music videos.

Fol Chen - Cable TV

Bodies of Water - Under the Pines

3) While this guy surely is not new to the LA small-venue scene, 7 years after first seeing him play at Boardners, I haven't tired of the juvenille-but-still-socially-conscious-in-a-way "dance music" performed by Captain Ahab. He's playing at The Smell on March 10, along with Anavan (whom I haven't had the chance to check out live, but have heard described as "the greatest band of all time") and LaCo$te. Not recommended for a quiet (or early) night out (his shows are known to start as late as midnight, or 1), but highly recommended for those looking to be sweat upon by backup "dancer" Jim, dancing til late, and otherwise feeling 19 again. A slightly NSFW video that more closely resembles a live show than you'd think.

4) I totally know this already happened case you happened to not be one of the few who saw Jane's Addiction rock out at the Echoplex a few weeks ago, there's some pretty high quality video of the performance available. From what I can tell, this was a pretty solid performance. For instance:

For more videos of what appears to have been an awesome show, click here.


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