Monday, March 13, 2006

Recent Show Impressions and News

I swear, The Pink Mountaintops has to be the best stoner rock this side of Queens of the Stone Age. Their Saturday show at Spaceland came off like the perfect soundtrack to do acid at a friend’s party at 3am on a school night.

And Oneida were amazing too, leading off with a ten-minute plus version of their opus, “Each One Teach One.” The only real letdown of the night had to be that my friend Gabe, who turned me on to both bands, had to work his new job and missed it.

Then, last night at The Echo was probably a musical 180 degree turn from Saturday. Austin’s Voxtrot played -- and if Pink Mountaintops makes you want to rock out with your cock out, then the dance-poppy Voxtrot makes you want to hop around in a crowd full of pretty girls in vintage dresses. (Ugh... It sounds kind of creepy to have both of those references couched in the same sentence, doesn't it?)

I've got to say that lead singer Ramesh Srivastava’s voice is as clear and full as a frigging church bell, and it sounds just as strong live as recorded. The show was so good, I had to shell out my last spare cash before payday to pick up their two EPs.

And, hell, I never even liked The Smiths.

Related Show News:
- Much-loved SF act Film School report that they’ve recovered their van, which was stolen after their recent Philly gig, but all of the equipment in it is gone. Even worse, the band's members were in the midst of sorting out car and personal insurance when it all happened. (For the full details of the harrowing incident, read the story here on Pitchfork.)

“We desperately need help replacing our precious guitars, basses, amps, drums, keyboards, and everything else," writes FS’ Justin LaBo. "If you have it in your heart, head on over to our website [here] and make a donation via PayPal.”

As reported in Pitchfork, the band will be continuing their tour and playing their SXSW and LA dates with rented and borrowed instruments.

- Local acts Space Mtn, Sabrosa Purr, and The Primos will all join Division Day at the second night of their free weekly residency at The Echo tonight. Details can be found here.

- In other news, Ladytron and Great Northern have just announced that they’ll be playing The El Rey on May 2nd, Destroyer and Blood on the Wall will appear at Spaceland on May 9th, Beth Orton will grace The Avalon on March 24th, and Architecture in Helsinki will head to The Troubadour on Monday, May 22nd.

- And now for a bit of extra Monday content, here's an interview with Norway's Magnet done by Radio Free Chicago’s Brad, who also posts his weekly album release rundown for us here each and every Tuesday. Magnet will be appearing here at The Hotel Café tomorrow night.


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