Monday, March 06, 2006

Division Day Invades Monday Nights

Division Day starts their free weekly Monday residency at The Echo tonight, and, hell, you shouldn't allow yourself any excuse not to go.

They’re easily are one of my top five favorite bands in LA right now and are really worth stopping by to check out -- either tonight, next Monday, the next after that, the one after that, or all four.

Their music straddles the fine line between indie rock and pop, with a manic sound and lyrics that are sharp and inventive, and they play with such enthusiasm that they often can’t help not breaking into big smiles in the middle of their sets.

Tonight marks the self-release of their album Beartrap Island, which they created with the help of John Vanderslice (producer for The Mountain Goats) up in his Tiny Telephone Studio in SF.

I’ve caught a bit off of it between what they’ve played live and posted on their myspace page, and I’ve loved everything I’ve heard so far.

Go listen to a few tracks for yourself, then clear your schedule tonight, and start inviting your friends ... because “good” and “free” are two things that come by oh so rarely in this modern life.

The Echo is located at 1822 Sunset Blvd in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA, Birdmonster is the opening band, it’s 21+, doors open at 8:30, and it’s free.


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