Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quickie Album Reviews - The Twilight Singers, The Walkmen, & Cold War Kids

The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns
Within 50 seconds it becomes quite obvious that this is not your average album from The Twilight Singers. Infused with a sense of joy throughout, it becomes much less an indulgent postcard from the brilliant Greg Dulli’s post-Afghan wanderings, and much more a celebration of a real honest-to-goodness complete record. While no new musical ground may be broken, it doesn’t matter, this is probably his best work since Gentlemen and that’s worth every penny. - Gabriel Burger

The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off
Not seeming so anxious to impress, The Walkmen ease into an album that finally delivers on all the off-kilter promise of their debut. Making mood music for the internally conflicted, their fractured take on deconstructed rock proves as kinetic as it is considered. Defined by its woozy warble with a couple of outright sprints, A Hundred Miles Off is The Walkmen at their most confident, assured, and adventurous. - Josh Berquist

Cold War Kids - Up In Rags & With Our Wallets Full
Whittier, CA’s Cold War Kids serve up a damn tasty stew of pop/rock, flavored with seasonings ranging from the likes of Television, The Velvet Underground, classic French pop to full-blown gospel and dust-bowl folk. Very intelligent without pretension, it retains an emotional core that makes it much more approachable than a lot of other bands in their esoteric wake. With some of the smartest packaging I have seen in a long time, my advice is get on the bandwagon before the whole world finds out. - Gabriel Burger


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