Monday, June 05, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Take It Like Candies...")

Yow. That pictorial I put up of Gil Mantera’s Party Dream last week was so mind-blowing that it inadvertently destroyed the upcoming show listing on the site. Now, many hours of html work later, it’s back…

And just in time, because this week has some interesting shows. Like Happy Hollows and Death to Anders! at The Silver Lake Lounge on Tuesday, FASCINOMA at The Silver Lake Lounge on Wednesday, Film School and The Silversun Pickups at The Echo and Eagle & Talon and The Fcked Five at El Cid on Friday night.

And beyond this week, the following artists have recently announced shows for LA: Irving, Cold Wars Kids, The Editors, Devil Romantics, Natural Disasters, Master Slave, FASCINOMA, Wonderground, Army Navy, & The Minor Canon, Negativeland, Doveman, David Thomas Broughton, OZMA, The Rentals, Peter and the Wolf, and Say Hi To Your Mom. (See the afore-mentioned right-hand column for dates and venues.)


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