Friday, June 02, 2006

Mini-Interview: Pinback

With three excellent indie rock albums out under as Pinback and countless other projects (Hella, Black Heart Procession, and more), Rob Crow and Zach Hill keep busy. It's pretty safe to say that. But still Rob was nice enough to take time out of his tour schedule -- if you didn't see them play live at the Avalon earlier this week, you missed out -- to answer a few quick questions for us.

Hi, Rob. So, you're touring with Pinback right now? For how long?

Six or seven weeks.

You just finished playing the tour with your metal band, Goblin Cock. How was that?

Real fun. We're going out again a bit with Blue Cheer in July.

Did you grow up listening to metal? How much fun was it to play it?

I was always into metal and hardcore. It's how I learned to play guitar. I can riff really fast. I don't do solos, tho.

The Goblin Cock album title Bagged and Boarded is a comic book reference... The song title Offline PK off the Pinback album Blue Screen Life comes from the South Korean online game players threaten people who cheat them in-game with real life violence... I guess it's safe to assume that you really like comics and video games. What are you reading? What are you playing?

Zach and I both play World of Warcraft. I've been working on Perfect Dark Zero, but I have a six-month-old son who, I'm happy to say, takes up most of my free time.

I read anything by Brian Micheal Bendis, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Brian K. Vaughn, Robert Kirkman, Frank Miller, Mark Millar, and Garth Ennis. Stray Bullets is my favorite.

How do you think Pinback's sound has grown and changed over the years? Have all the other bands you guys are in or have been in influenced Pinback?

We keep getting better equipment and learning how to (sort of) use it.

What's next for the band? Are you working on a new album?

When we get home, we're gonna do a marathon 4 month session and try to start and finish a new one.

Last question: What are you listening to these days that you like?

As far as "new music" goes, Hella, Lightning Bolt, and Meshuggah and a few local bands Sleeping People, Jade Shader, and Earthless.

That’s it. Thanks for your time.


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