Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ten Great Free Songs From Ten Great LA Bands

Instead of reviewing new albums this week, I figured I’d instead link to ten fantastic, free, legally downloadable songs from bands here in LA. Cause if there’s an easier way for me to push some of my favorite local acts on you, I really can’t think of one...

Division Day – Tigers
A great track off their new self-released album ... which someone like XL or Wichita really ought to pick up and start distributing.

The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover
Download this song off their myspace page to find out what all the blogger fuss has been about. Then, make plans to go see them them at The Echo, Spaceland, and Sunset Junction this summer.

The Western States Motel – Southwest Planez
I can’t recall a song I’ve been more addicted to listening to this year than this lazy tune off TWSM's forth-coming album.

The Green and Yellow TV – Temporary Fix
An excellent track from one of LA’s premiere indie pop acts.

Great Northern - Into the Sun
Another Ship Collective band makes good. Music.

Molecules - Get Out of The Car
Listen to this husband and wife duo play my favorite song off their debut album.

The Lights From Here – China Shipping
A live recording of this ambient post rock band playing on KXLU’s Demo Listen show.

The Movies – Timothy James
These local indie pop legends have my favorite song from them up on their page for frees.

Thailand – The Magic Art
These guys played a few local shows before squirreling away to work on their album. Their Myspace page has four excellent songs off their demo and this one is the best.

Army Navy - Snakes of Hawaii
A great song from one of the hardest-working indie pop bands in this town.


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