Monday, July 17, 2006

The Monday Show Low Down (Or "Act Like A Cat, Everything's Intentional, Even When You're Dumb")

The other night I thought it would be an excellent idea to write words on my knuckles … you know, like LOVE and HATE from Meatloaf in Rocky Horror … but I decided that those words weren’t quite dumb enough for my purposes, so I started to write DON’T and STOP, instead.

I had my fists turned to face me, so wrote DON’T on my left hand’s knuckles, then realized I’d screwed up -- not quite the equivalent to being in high school and writing SID LIVES on your jeans facing you and then discovering that it was upside down to everyone else -- but that it was funnier that way, so continued putting STOP on my right hand.

For the rest of the day, anyone I disagreed with got two fists of STOP! DON’T! in their face. (And pretty much anyone else, too. I wasn’t really picky.)

Anyway, that’s what passes for a column intro around here today, I guess. Normally, I’d try to tie it into the topic, but again… It's probably better just to run off at a right angle and write about last week’s shows, which were amazing.

I'm certainly not able to go to every great show in LA each week, but I lucked out last week, between indie rock originals Division Day and romanticore dreamboats Bedroom Walls at El Cid, the even-better-all-the-time Great Northern and experimental-but-accessible Pity Party at Silver Lake Lounge, and lazy pop superstars The Western States Motel at their cd release show at Tangiers last night. It was three for three for fantastic last week.

And this week looks like it’ll turn out as good or better.

On Tuesday night, Great Northern – who now have a new line-up and are performing some great new songs – will play The Echo with Sea Wolf, the other band that Alex from Irving is in and one of my favorite live acts in town. Seriously, not one to miss.

Meanwhile, Bedroom Walls continue their Tuesday night residency at El Cid. After catching their completely frigging endearing set last week, I’d really recommend seeing them live. (Myself? I have to miss for Sea Wolf, but I’ll be back again when they play with Let’s Go Sailing next week.)

On Thursday night, the Beach Boys-flavored harmonic pop band The Explorers Club from Charleston, South Carolina arrive at The Silver Lake Lounge. And the local indie pop/rock legends The Movies play at The Derby. I’m going to try to catch both.

There’s a lot more going on that that – including Camera Obscura, Midnight Movies, The Raconteurs, Minor Canon, Imperial Teen, Blue Cheer w/ Goblin Cock, and The Like (see the right-hand show column) – but those are the shows I’m most looking forward to this week.

Expect more show updates soon. A lot has been announced recently.

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