Thursday, August 10, 2006

Band of the Week: Two Sheds

It’s hard to make it all the way through Two ShedsStrange Ammunition without stopping and replaying songs over again. You eventually just reconcile with yourself to let it play and hear what next it has to offer.

That's because there are such a surprising number of excellent tracks on the album… from Mine, a quiet number reminiscent of a less heroiny Mazzy Star, which effectively melts your mind when singer/songwriter Caitlin Gutenberger finally arrives at the song title … to the perfectly rollicky Momma …to the swords-beaten- into-plowshares sounding Ballad of the Salty Dog … to the near hymnal For Theresa… to the lingering It’s Hard, where Gutenberger’s throaty hum clocks in somewhere between PJ Harvey and Cat Power’s Chan Marshall... It goes on and on, each song its own distinct little animal.

The Sacramento trio -- who also include former Jackpot and Far members John Gutenberger and Rusty Miller -- are coming to LA next week on Thursday, August 17th to play The Silver Lake Lounge. And you know what? I can't think of another band I'd really rather like to see right now.


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