Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekend Interview Filler Attempt #1

Sometimes interviews don’t come in on time to run over the weekend like normal. When this occurs, it’s usually our fault due to lack of planning and technical skill and, well all is said and done, it’s really a wonder that it doesn’t happen more often.

So, to tide you over until next Monday, here are links to previous interviews with a handful of LA’s top bands. (Click on the quotes to read the whole piece.)

The Little Ones: “Our band name is the direct result of my two pugs. Whenever my family or friends would ask about them, they would always say, "How are 'the little ones?'"”

The Silversun Pickups: “due to the absurdity of competitive art and the viewing of artists trying to climb/step/stab each other to reach the top of the cream and become the stale cherry, it just kinda puts it all into perspective. that's not us. that's not our friends. we actually do this because we enjoy it.”

Irving: “I would say that it is similar in the sense that we still write sad songs that are dressed up with a happy melody, but other than that this album is much different. Every album we make will be different from its predecessor. We would never want to make the same album twice.”

Earlimart: “It's pretty much finished… just a few more songs to mix. This record was pretty difficult. It's taken the longest to finish (write and record, etcetera). About 9 months officially. Kinda like a pregnancy.”

The Movies: “[Now] we can hopefully start writing some songs, getting our older songs recorded, and get back to Spain... Get some jet-skis. I need some jet-skis and a shrimp cocktail. And like an older XJ6 for my mom”

Sea Wolf: “I’m wary of playing with people who aren't friends, or at least friends of friends, so I pretty much use whichever friends are available to play (for shows or recordings).”

Cold War Kids: “We were really late at getting to the show, so we had to throw up our gear in a flash and play. For some reason there was a different twist to it because of our tardiness. It felt very southern too.”


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