Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Video Free Silver Lake: Space Mtn

I’ve been meaning to do an interview with LA indie pop group Space Mtn for pretty much forever now. We talked about doing a face-to-face discussion with the band at dive bar Club Tee Gee over a game of Scrabble … and then just a phone interview as time wore on … but I haven’t had time to write more elaborate features since the ones I did on The Movies and Eagle & Talon.

From what I understand, the band is working on a new album and isn’t playing out right now, so maybe we’ll be able to time something around when they eventually come out of hiding.

In the meantime, here are videos for the songs Undermining and Oh off their first album, A Drawing of a Memory of a Photograph of You.

By the way, Space Mtn’s drummer Andrew Platts also plays bass in Tigers Can Bite You – one of my favorite new bands – who are opening up for Irving and The Silversun Pickups this Sunday night at The Troubadour.


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