Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini-Interview: Yes Me To Death

Local indie rock act Yes Me To Death are a band I'd enjoying seeing play at Spaceland a few times and really wanted to hear more of, but then they just kinda disappeared for awhile...

Whenever I'd bump into singer/guitarist Melanie Clinch out, I'd bug her to find out when they were playing next and they finally started again recently. So, I bugged her once more, this time about what they're doing next.

Hi, Mel. You've been doing a weekly residency at The Scene in Glendale this month. How's that been going?

We’ve had a great time at The Scene this month. It was a gradual way to readjust to playing shows. This Sunday is the last one and there will be five bands, dj's, go-go dancers, artwork, a pot luck BBQ, and a going-away party for our friend who is moving to NY.

It's sort of like the carnival without cotton candy or a freak show.

You haven't played for awhile. What was the reason for the time off?

We took time off to regroup after line-up changes. We’re now a three-piece. The current members are: Lauren on bass, Ron on drums, and I still play guitar -- and we all sing, um... sometimes.

Did you still work on new material during that time?


How did the band start out in the first place? How long have you been playing?

The band started accidentally, it certainly was not planned. Originally, it was Caitlin, Geoff, and I. We didn't even have a drummer… It was kinda chaotic, everything was exciting and confusing at the same time.

Initially, we wanted to write songs that one might expect to hear in a horror movie. That all happened about three years ago. Time sure does fly...

If I was lame and asked you who your influences were, would you tell me?

Joe, you will never be lame. Our influences are tight rope walkers, jugglers, lion tamers, and clowns.

What's the story behind the band's name?

Let’s see. You want to know the story behind the name. Okay... It's the title of a dangerous tumbling routine which was performed by two acrobats from Brazil, Pedro and Lucas. They moved to America at the beginning of the 20th century and dazzled audiences with their creative gymnastic feats.

Do you have an EP out or are you working on one?

We have an old EP but those songs have sort of been retired. We’re currently recording with Manny at Wetanddry Studios; the new tunes should be finished in April or May.

What's next for you?

I guess the future is next... We just want to play shows and write songs. That is, unless we run off and join the circus.

Last question: What other LA bands are you liking right now?

Here are a handful of LA bands that we like right now: Darker My Love, Division Day, 400 Blows, Great Northern, Hello Astronaut Goodbye Television, Kissing Cousins, LYRA, Silversun Pickups, Strangers Smile, and The Switch.

That's all. Thanks for your time. See you guys on Sunday.

Yes Me To Death are playing at The Scene this Sunday afternoon at 4:00 with LYRA, The Color Turning, Kissing Cousins, and The Front.


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and I'll be DJ'ing at the Scene this Sunday...but i have no idea what i'll be playing yet.

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