Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Video Free Silver Lake: The Spinto Band and Earlimart

Here's a preview of what you might see if you go to The Troubadour on Sunday night to see The Spinto Band, Dio Malos, and The Changes: A buncha twenty-year-old guys karate kicking a giant cardboard robot.

Okay. Not really. But it's still worth watching because the clip hearkens back to the days when videos, like, told stories.

And here's an old video for the song Burning The Cow off of Earlimart's first full-length, Everyone Down Here.

There's a filthy rumor going around town that they'll be the surprise opener for Sea Wolf and Clinic at the Friday show at The Troubadour. I can't make that, so I'm glad I've got my tickets already for when they appear (w/ strings!) at The Getty next Friday.

What I've heard of their new album left me about 60% pregnant...


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